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Nudist Preteen

Posted on July 16 2012


Related article: Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2006 23:49:11 -0500From: Jeff A Subject: Dreams of StardomDisclaimer: This story is for use by adults only. Even though some of thenames, places and things you find in it may seem familiar to you, they areall made up. Really. If there Nudist Preteen are any celebrities who have the same namesas my fictional characters, I imply nothing about their sexualities. Keepmaterial such as this out of the reach of children. All of the eventsdescribed herein are complete fiction, and not to be construed as any kindof recommendation for behaviour. Especially the unsafe sex parts.Dedicated: To every boy actor who diligently slept his way to the top. Andto some helpful and gracious guys from the niftywriters chat room, Dru andKip (hope I remembered your names correctly). And to Kent, of course. AndMr Malaprop.* * *Dreams of Stardoma story by parrafan"You're not seriously going to insert **this** in 'Gaiety', are you?",Pierre exclaimed in his most incredulous voice.'This' referred to the piece of paper he was now waving strenuously infront of my face, as though it was alight and he was attempting to shakeoff its flaming tongues . In fact, the sheet of paper simply contained thetyped copy for my new advertisement, already lodged in the latest issue ofthe actors' trade magazine 'Gaiety'."Why not?", I responded with a forced calm. "What's wrong with it?". Ireally did not need this on a Monday morning."What's wr-! What's-!" Pierre's power of speech appeared to havetemporarily deserted him as he choked on his own exasperation. "Thisadvert! It's...it's...""It's what?" I replied mildly, hoping my careless attitude might soothePierre's excited temper. It didn't."It's positively obscene, that's what it is!", he shouted, sounding muchlike a grandmother upon inspecting her granddaughter's new bathing suit.Pierre strode up and down the sound stage in a fury, waving his arms andbrandishing the sheet of paper like an indictment. I made his mood worsewhen I blithely admitted that the ad had already been placed in 'Gaiety'."You mean to tell me that they accepted this...this...pornography?!" heexclaimed dramatically."Oh, come on, Pierre. Stop acting like a horrified maiden aunt and tell mehonestly and plainly what you don't like about my copywriting", I sneered,getting tired of his theatrics."All Nudist Preteen right, I will", he countered, flourishing my sheet of typescript to animaginary audience. He began to read from the page: " 'Boys 9 to 12 years wanted for feature-length production, approx15 weeks duration'Well, I suppose that bit isn't too bad", he sniffed. "But what about this: 'Prefer slim build, unbroken voices; acting experience notessential'It reads like you're looking to populate a boy harem!", Pierre shrieked."No it doesn't", I drawled dismissively. "Those are stock standard phrases,readily found in other 'Gaiety' adverts."Pierre was not mollified. "What about this then? 'Must be open-minded and flexible in outlook; some incidentalnudity may be required. Several principal roles available.'You might as well say we're filming a skin flick full of little boys!"Pierre groaned.My associate producer's negative attitude was beginning to try my patience."Look, Pierre, every single word in that advertisement was cleared by ourlawyers. Now, I admit, the way you read it out made it sound like there wasmore to it than I put into it, but I'd rather tell all the aspirants upfront what we can expect from them. Better for them to know before theyaudition, than for us to find out three weeks into shooting that the boywon't bare his bottom on film"."It's a bit more than a bare bottom, isn't it?" Pierre simpered. Nudist Preteen "A flashof boy butt I could cope with. But I seem to recall from reading yourscript outline that there's also a skinny dipping scene, a bedroom scene, aspanking scene, a bathroom scene for goodness' sake, some ball grabbing andoh, yes, let's not forget the boy-on-boy kissing. How much of this movie doyou think will be left after the MPAA get done making their Nudist Preteen suggested cutsto get a 'Suitable for All Audiences' rating? Ten minutes? Or maybe justthe credits?"I scowled at him. "Come off it, Pierre. You're making way too much ofthis. The advert was published in 'Gaiety' today, I expect the portfoliosto start rolling in as early as tomorrow. The keen ones will deliver themby hand or courier this afternoon"."And that's another thing", Pierre continued his rant, "why aren't we usinga casting agency like we did on 'Island of Gold' - the kids that MelsteinAssociates got for us did a fair job on that, didn't they? Why do we haveto reinvent the wheel on this one?""Agencies are fine, and Melstein's one of the better ones, but when you usean agency you only get the kids that are registered with that agency", Ireasoned. "Maybe if I was pressed for time, I'd use Melstein again. But forthis project, I wanted to cast the net a bit wider, maybe get a few boysthat aren't already convinced they're the next Culkin"."Who's going to weed through the portfolios - assuming we get any?", Pierrescoffed. "You?""Why not me?" I argued haughtily. "Maybe if none of my movies go down inhistory, at least I might find lasting fame as the director who discoveredthe next James Dean. Besides, it might do me good to take more control overthe process, get a strong grip on the project from the outset. I say 'bring'em on!' "."Bring on a migraine, more like", Pierre muttered. He would have continuedhis tirade, I have no doubt, but just then my secretary buzzed with anannouncement."Courier's here, Mr Howerd. Looks like about twenty parcels", her nasalvoice sounded over the speaker."Thank you Miss Hatherway, I'll be right there", I yelled towards thesquawk box. I stood up and gave Pierre my brightest smile. "Time to earn acrust", I joked weakly."An early grave, Don, is where you're sending me. Early!", Pierre added,stalking back to his own office.* * *The lines at the bottom of my advertisement in 'Gaiety' that my longtimefriend and colleague Pierre omitted to mention were "Apply in writing toDon Howerd, Ganymede Productions. Include colour headshots and full body(bathing suit), brief resume, no portfolios returned". That put theobligation on the child actor (or more usually, his mother) to send me themost daring photo they could, knowing that they were not going to get itback. Some movie moms were known to send pictures of their sons fullynaked, little cocks rampantly erect, in the hope that their preciousoffspring might be able to fuck their way to a starring role, followed by aglittering career. The advantage of not sending portfolios back (apart fromsaving on postage) was that I could simply deny that I ever received anypornographic photos. As a result, I had amassed quite a collection ofcandid snapshots, carefully stored in my trusty floor safe at home, to keepme amused in my old age.But my dotage had not quite arrived as yet, and now I had nineteen expressdelivery parcels awaiting my attention. No doubt they were all in responseto the 'Gaiety' Nudist Preteen advert - movie moms were nothing Nudist Preteen if not quick off themark. I sorted the stack of parcels into "thick" and "thin" piles.I started on the "thin" pile first. I guessed that it might containportfolios of newcomers to the acting game, boys who might not have beenaround long enough to accumulate large volumes of photos of their actingcredits.The first parcel contained a folder from a ten-year-old, SunshineMatthews. Honestly, what sort of a life would parents condemn a boy to,calling him 'Sunshine'?. Might as well have named him 'Punchme'. Sunshine'sheadshot showed him to be a curly-headed blond (what a surprise) with blueeyes and plenty of well-tended teeth. Sunshine had two years of dance underhis belt, and one year of acting class, which had resulted in precisely noactual acting jobs to date. He had received a few assignments for cataloguemodelling, but no genuine time in front of a movie camera as yet. He lookedvery innocent to my jaded eyes, and he had full, sensuous lips, so I puthim in the 'maybe' pile. Who knows, he might have an undiscovered talentfor dick sucking.The next two boys were too old for the parts I had in mind - one had theshadow of a moustache on his upper lip for god's sake, and the othersported a prominent Adams' apple. Obviously their parents were clutching atstraws. If a boy hasn't got a speaking part before Nudist Preteen his first shave, he'sgot no chance as a child actor.The fourth portfolio made me stop and take notice. Taren Jamieson'sdeclared age was thirteen, but he could have passed for a ten yearold. Seven photos were supplied, along with the written bio. Five of thepictures were standard headshots Nudist Preteen and casual beach wear, but the last twowere keepers. The first showed Taren stretched out face down on a whitebedsheet (on a double bed - probably his parents') wearing a French stylepair of pale yellow Speedos. Nudist Preteen His right hand was dragging one side of thebathing suit down to expose a nice portion of buttcheek, and his face wasturned to the camera with what I can only describe as a "Please lie downhere right now and fuck the daylights out of me" look.The final picture completed the sell job the photos were obviously designedto achieve. It showed Taren standing at a window, silhouetted by thedaylight pouring in. He was leaning on the windowsill, slightly bentforward, looking towards the sunlit outdoors. He wore an oversizesleeveless t-shirt which reached to mid-thigh, with big droopy armholes,and apparently, nothing else. The light had the clever (and quite erotic)effect of turning the garment almost transparent. The cleft of his bottomwas clearly visible, as was the side of one large brown nipple. He might aswell have had a speech balloon coming out of his mouth saying "I wishsomeone would sneak up behind me and lift the hem of this shirt and ream mylittle ass for me". Taren's portfolio went onto the 'definite' pile.The next eight parcels contained unremarkable collections of prosaicsnapshots and humdrum resumes, none of them worth a second glance. Theywere all tossed onto the 'unlikely' pile. I wasn't really sure what I waslooking for, but I was confident that I'd recognise it when I saw it. And Iwas pretty sure I saw it when I opened the folder belonging to RyderMacLane. (Honest to god, the kid's name is Ryder. How I long for a few goodold Jimmys and Franks and Joes - I am so thoroughly sick of Dakotas andRivers and even Macaulays).Ryder was eleven years old, had never taken an acting lesson or a dance orvoice class in his young life, and only supplied four photos, along with abrief handwritten note. The photos were enticing enough: Ryder barechested,in very short cutoff jeans and riding a horse; a head-and shoulders showingRyder leaning on a football goalpost showing his smooth underarms; afull-length swimsuit shot from behind, Ryder's dark blonde hair plasteredto his head, boardshorts fashionably low on the hip with about two inchesof crack showing; and finally a full-length frontal with Ryder wearing onlyblue satin boxers and drinking a glass of milk, some of which had spilledonto his bare chest and dribbled down to his innie navel. But it was thenote that got Ryder into the 'definite' pile: it Nudist Preteen was a masterpiece ofinnuendo. Written in an adult's hand, it made me salivate like a hornyhounddog: "Ryder is available anytime for you. He is very responsive and isquick to grasp most anything. !He would love to be under the Director of 'Island of Gold', and learn allthe ins and outs. He is a hard worker, and he can bone up all night if needbe. I'm sure he can pull it off if he wants to, he just needs the rightperson to take him in hand. Feel free to use him in any position you wantas he is very accommodating and flexible." It was signed C MacLane (Mrs).I fought off the desire to find a box of tissues immediately and relievemyself, placing Ryder's folder on top of the 'definite' pile. I made asilent promise to my dick that it would soon be thrusting up Ryder'sbottom, so it should let me get on with my work, and it grudginglyconceded.The 'thick' pile beckoned. A thick folder tended to indicate that the boyhad already acted or modelled in some movie or magazine or catalogue, andhis doting mother made sure every single camera angle was included in herson's portfolio. Next time I'll put something in the advert like "Put yoursix best photos on the top of the folder - all others will be disregarded",but it probably won't save any trees.First on the thick pile was a boy of mixed parentage. He was definitelycute, and judging by his resume he was also talented and experienced, but Ididn't want to confuse the messages in my film by adding any element ofrace. So, into the discard pile you go, Nguyen. Following him into thediscards was a boy whose mother clearly did not read the section of myadvert that said "prefer slim build". Did she not realise that 'prefer'means 'must have'? Am I filming a remake of "Laurel and Hardy meet Fat BoySlim" here? Hello?I skimmed through the rest of the stack with little interest. I really didnot want a boy who had picked up bad acting habits from earlierassignments, even if they were only K-Mart catalogues."Miss Hatherway?" I buzzed my secretary. "Can you contact the mothers ofthe boys whose folders are in my blue tray please? Set up a time on Fridaymorning, both boys at once is fine, I'm taking the afternoon off, maybegoing to the health club. See you in the a.m."* * *Tuesday morning's mail was, as I predicted, full of parcels from eageryoung hopefuls attracted by my advert in 'Gaiety'. Most of these would findtheir way into the discard pile by this afternoon, but I diligently lookedat every one. I was hoping that some screen mothers took the phrase from myadvert seriously about 'some incidental nudity', and included a nude studyor two or their sons. I was not disappointed.The very first parcel was bulky and irregularly shaped because it includeda VHS tape, unlabelled, which I slipped into the VCR, my curiosity havinggotten the better of me. Immediately, a boy's face filled the screen, asthough he was standing only a few inches from the camera. "Hi!" the headsaid cheerfully, showing a big toothy grin. "My name's Nudist Preteen Eben, an' I wanna bean actor! Come see my room!" The shirtless body of Eben took off up thestairs of a comfortable-looking suburban house, with the cameraman (whomight have been Mom or a friend) struggling to keep up."Here's my room!" Eben declared rather unnecessarily, a little out ofbreath. "That's my dog Jack", he explained, pointing to a Jack Russellterrier lying on the bed. It was a typical preteen boy's sanctuary, modelplanes hanging from the ceiling on fishing line, oversized posters ofpopular musicians on the wall (I was surprised to see Michael Jackson amongthem), homework-related clutter all over a desk, clothes piled up on top ofa chest of drawers, a bookshelf with DVDs of the Harry Potter and Simpsonsseries stacked alongside a pile of DC and Marvel comics.The camera panned all around the room while Eben jumped on the bed andwrestled with Jack the dog. Eben then jumped up and yelled "Let's gooutside, I wanna swim!" The boy pushed past the camera operator, bumpinghis or her arm so that the picture jolted before focussing on Eben hurtlingdown the same staircase and through an open glass double door onto asheltered patio."That's our pool! Neat, ain't it!" the boy declared, pointing to akidney-shaped in-ground model. With that, he skinned down his shorts toreveal no underclothes but an all-over tan (his back still to the camera)and raced over the small lawn to leap into the cool water. Turning to facethe camera, armpit deep in the now disturbed water, he yelled "We'renudists! Mom's nude too but she's got the camera! Hi Mom!"A blurry hand appeared briefly waving in front of the lens, presumablyMom's, as Eben thrashed about like a drowning man in the pool. "I loved'Island of Gold'! I seen it four times!" Eben yelled to the camera. "Iwoulda liked to play Jamie in that. Sometimes me an' my friend Chris actout the movie. I play Jamie an' he plays Captain Rogers! Hope I get anaudition! Bye!" The movie faded to black with Eben enthusiastically wavingand jumping about in the water.Now, normally I frown on this kind of blatant toadying. And by 'frown' Imean it earns its author a quick trip to the discard pile. But a nudist boy(complete with nudist Mom) opened up some interesting possibilities. Therole from 'Island of Gold' (an earlier film of mine, for those who aren'tfollowing the story) that Eben referred to was that of the principal childactor, Jamie Farrows. Imagine 'Lord of the Flies', plus a healthy dash of'Peter Pan', if it had been written by Robert Louis Stephenson, and you getthe flavour of it. Captain Rogers is the bad guy who falsely befriendsyoung Jamie in an attempt to steal the eponymous gold for himself, butJamie outsmarts him (of course).Toadying notwithstanding, Eben did earn some credit for researching myearlier work (and for having a cute build). I placed his tape back into hisenvelope and put it into the blue tray, for Miss Hatherway to phone later.Before I could pick up the next envelope, Pierre breezed into my office. Hegrimaced at the stack of mail, and couldn't resist aiming a barb atme. "Today's batch of Shirley Temples?", he sneered, hoping to implysomething about the sexuality of any boy who would answer my advert. He wasa fine one to talk, having lived in a stable relationship with a man hisown age for the last eight years. I was an equal opportunity employer - Ididn't care who my employees and work colleagues slept with, as long asthey accorded me the same freedom and privacy."Some of them look pretty good", I countered. "I'll keep an eye out for aboy with a rich widowed mother for you, if you like?""Ha...ha...ha", he drawled sardonically. "I suppose you'd better tell methe big secret then, if I'm going to be of any use at all aroundhere". Pierre referred to my habit of keeping the script (which I usuallywrote myself) close to my chest until shooting was about to begin. I had anirrational fear that someday I would wake up to find that some otherdirector had already filmed my movie."Remember that 90's flick 'Milk Money' - about a couple of horny preteenboys who save up their pocket money so they can get a hooker to put on astrip show for them? Only the hooker ends up falling for the father of oneof the boys?", I began.Pierre put on his painful 'I'm thinking' look. "Sounds vaguely familiar. EdHarris Nudist Preteen played the dad?""That's the one!", I agreed, glad that my colleague at least knew what Iwas talking about. "I take a similar starting point. Only in my movie, theboys discover the father's gay porno stash, and, this being the 21stcentury and everyone is open-minded, they decide to fix up dad with a niceboyfriend. Only the boyfriend prefers them a bit younger, and falls forsonny boy instead"."Jesus H Krishna!" exploded Pierre. "Now I know why you wouldn't let me seethe whole script sooner! Is there anything else, or is that the worst ofit?"I regarded him disdainfully. "There's a couple of subplots. A neighbour boyhas a crush on the son...and when the two boys find the porno stash,they...er, fool around a bit...oh, and a local councilman is trying to getthe dad kicked off the school board, so the son, er, seduces and thenblackmails him". I said the last part in a rush to get it all out beforePierre interrupted me with another cartoonish expletive."You can't have kids deliberately using their sexuality as a weapon againstadults. You just can't. No way will we be able to screen this anywhere inthis country, even if you were able to finish it", Pierre warned."There are Nudist Preteen some precedents. What about 'The Crush'? A fourteen year oldchick steals an older guy's used condom out of the garbage can and smearshis jizz on her gash, then goes crying to the cops that she's beenraped. Poor bastard doesn't Nudist Preteen have a leg to stand on", I recounted."At least that's female/male blackmail. Anyone could understandthat. You're talking about a boy, a preteen boy, having sex with an adultmale so he can threaten to expose him or else. It'll put ideas into amillion young heads!" Pierre complained.I was not about to be swayed. "So, maybe we won't screen it in thiscountry. Europe has been making movies like this for decades. No-one overthere gives a hoot if they see some little kid's dick hanging out. Look at'Barnens O' - it's got an eleven year old boy's stiffie in full view! Andanother boy boner pops up in that Italian/French flick '1900'! And thoseare just the mainstream movies - I could name a hundred more."Pierre's reply dripped with scorn. "So, you plan to make a European stylecoming of age slash comedy of manners type film, using American actorsspeaking with American accents, and then sell it to Europe? Why should theybuy it? And who have you got lined up to play the father, anyway? Oh, no,don't tell me - oh god - you wouldn't dare - !" Pierre gasped, realisationdawning on him."Why shouldn't I?" I demanded. "I know the role backwards, because I wroteit. I have a natural rapport with boys. And, it will save the companymoney. Eastwood does it all the time. So does DeNiro"."Maybe, but the good directors never appear in front of the camera", Pierresniffed."What about Hitchcock?" I parried, sending Pierre off in a huff. He hatedhaving his idols used in evidence against him. I continued working my waythrough the stack. I was sure Pierre would come around; he usually did.Three more applicants made it into the blue tray. Much to my delight, oneof them did provide a side-on nude shot showing the boy, in silhouette,with a straight-arrow boner. It was quite artistic, really, although you'venever see it in any art gallery in this country. Thank god for digitalcameras and home printers.* * *Now that I had begun, I was anxious to start auditioning the boys, eventhough more applications might come in tomorrow's mail. I was impatient toget something happening, some chemistry to inspire me, and hopefully, someboy sex."Miss Hatherway", I buzzed, "One of this yesterday's applicants, a ChayseMatherson, did you get a contact number for him? Good. Call his mother, seeif they want to come in this morning, around 10 will be fine. Thank you."Chayse (I cringed every time I saw it written down) was twelve, blond, andhad a background in gym and dance, but no prior acting nor modelling. Hisphotos showed a lithe boy in a Nudist Preteen leotard, a happy boy wrestling with his dogin a suburban back yard, a studious boy in a Hallowe'en Harry Pottercostume, and finally a beach shot of the boy running through shallow waterwith the aforementioned dog.Miss Hatherway buzzed me back. "Mrs Matherson and Chayse will be here intwenty minutes, Mr Howerd"."Thank you Miss Hatherway", I responded politely. I paced up and down myconverted warehouse/studio while awaiting the boy and his Mom. The spiderwaiting for the fly. I had a sudden inspiration and scurried to theProperties (props) room. In addition to a sound stage and a couple ofoffices, my revamped warehouse has all the necessary doings for a smallbudget production. If I need interiors (realistic-looking insides of homes)I just get a month's lease of one of the dozens of vacant mansions aroundthe City. I laid out a couple of boy-sized leotards on the costumes benchand returned to my office just in time to greet Mrs Matherson and her sonChayse, who were being ushered in by Miss Hatherway."Welcome, and thanks for coming in so soon", I greeted themeffusively. "Miss Hatherway, please draw up a cheque on the Number 3account for five hundred dollars for Mrs Matherson's travelling expensesthis morning. Then can Nudist Preteen you prepare the paperwork for the release andconfidentiality agreements, please?" She nodded and turned to go as MrsMatherson protested feebly about being paid."Not at all", I reassured her. "I don't believe a young aspiring actor'sfamily should have to be out of pocket just because a director calls him infor an audition. Just don't expect every studio to do it, that's all", Iadded jokingly, and she enjoyed a laugh along with me. Now that I hadrelaxed Mrs Matherson a little, I took the opportunity to cast anappraising eye over Chayse.The boy was turned out like a junior version of a successful business execon his day off: beige sports jacket over pastel polo shirt, light greyslacks, black leather shoes. Just as I had hoped. I invited Mrs Mathersonand Chayse to follow me out of my office and into the body of thewarehouse, where I had a few comfy chairs, a coffee machine and amini-bar. "By the way, did my secretary mention to you that I wanted Chayseto show me some movement this morning?" I asked Mrs Mathersoninnocently. Of course I had told Miss Hatherway no such thing. "I'mguessing she didn't, judging by the way he's dressed. It seems a pity foryou both to have come here but not be able to show me what Chayse iscapable of". I paused Nudist Preteen for a moment to allow Mrs Matherson to begin theinevitable profuse apology, then interrupted her with my 'suddeninspiration'."Wait a minute - maybe we can work something out", I suggested, offeringthe desperate Mrs Matherson a lifeline. "I'm sure you'll find somethingmore suitable for Chayse to wear Nudist Preteen in our props room! It's at the other endof the building, you can't miss it. Meanwhile, I'll go see what's holdingup that paperwork". With that, the grateful movie mom hustled her son downto the properties room while I made small talk with Miss Hatherway. Isuppose I could have set up a hidden camera, or a two-way mirror to watchthe boy undress, but I have found that playing it cool gets the bestresults.Mrs Matherson practically pushed Chayse at me when they returned after afew minutes. It was clear that she found the leotard I purposely left out,and had made Chayse change into it. It was cut in a boy's style, armlessbut with ankle length legs, in a metallic silvery colour rather like across between a pair of biballs and a tight space suit. Very lightmaterial, clingy, and so thin that I could immediately see that there wereno tell-tale underwear seams showing through. Hmm - I wondered was thatChayse's idea, or his Mom's, to leave off his undies. I felt a momentarypang of regret that I had not set up that hidden camera."Ah, yes, that's much better", I congratulated them. I waved Mrs Mathersoninto a chair and offered her the coffee machine or the mini-bar (she tookthe latter), then asked Chayse to walk up and down like a catwalk model forme. He aimed a quizzical look at his mother, who was sipping a rum andcoke, then began a rather effeminate sashay up and down in front of me,arms akimbo."Now with your hands on your head, please Chayse", I called out, and theboy dutifully put both hands up, making the swivel of his slim hips evenmore pronounced. I could see a small bump, like a pubescent girl's nipple,pushing out the crotch of the leotard about an inch, making me keen to giveit a grope."Okay, Chayse, just step over to the foam pit and stand with your back toit. When I Nudist Preteen tell you, fall back into the pit like a statue toppling over", Iinstructed. The foam pit was one of my favourite installations in thewarehouse. A pool of water was too high-maintenance, so I use a sunken pitabout 6 feet deep and full of blocks of foam rubber, much as you might findat an indoor athletics venue. Most boys find it a heap of fun, and youdon't get wet or injured. Chayse obliged, even adding a salute as he keeledover into the blocks of soft rubber. Mrs Matherson meanwhile helped herselfto another drink. Time for me to get some action. I walked over to the pitand helped pull Chayse out by the hand."Looking good so far, Chayse", I complimented him. His shy smile showed hewas loosening up a little. "This time, I'm going to throw you into the pit,but half way, in mid-air, I want you to yell out and wave to yourmother. Okay?" He nodded his understanding, so without waiting, Ipositioned him alongside the pit, slipped my hand between his legs frombehind, and lifted him up, tossing him into Nudist Preteen the foam rubber. The surprisedlook on his face as I grasped his crotch through the thin material of theleotard was priceless, but he was enough of a trouper to do as I asked, andyelled "Hi Mom!" before gravity took over Nudist Preteen and he flopped into the foam.Mrs Matherson gave a confused half-smile in response, preoccupied as shewas with her third rum and coke. I assisted Chayse out of the foam pitagain, and led him by the hand to where his mother was seated. "Doing well,Chayse", I commented. "Now I want you to imagine you are a snake, andslither all over this seat next to your mother".Chayse's response was to look confused, first at me, then at his befuddledMom. "First thing to remember in this business, Chayse, and I'm sure yourmother will back me up here, is that an actor always does what his Directortells him", I advised him sternly." 'Sright, Chayse. Do what th' d'rector sez", his mother slurred. Chaysegave a little shrug of the shoulders, and began slithering. Nudist Preteen Every edge andcorner on the chair rubbed his little crotch, making his little protrusionshow out a little more each time. Time to cop another Nudist Preteen feel."Okay, Chayse. I'm going to carry you to the pit, and throw you in. On theway, I want you to imagine I'm a giant, tossing you off a cliff, so I wantwhimpering and struggling, but not too much, since you realise yourposition is hopeless". Right in front of his mother, I lifted Chayse up inthe crotch grip again, his stiff little tool now between my fingers, andcarried him slowly to the pit. His squirming was half-hearted, as Irequested, and only served to grind his little package into my palm. Toreinforce the lesson about actors following directions, I set him on hisfeet and flexed my hand as though it was sore from the effort. Chayse stoodwaiting submissively for me to pick him up again, which I did, trapping hisskinny, stiff prick between my fingers and holding it there for a fewseconds before heaving the wriggling lad into the pit. He had the presenceof mind to give a convincing, but short, wail.I gave the boy a hand out of the pit again, then led him again to where hisincreasingly besotted mother was seated. Positioning him with his back tohis mother (so I alone could feast on the sight of his stiffy pushing outthe front of the silver leotard), I suggested he sing me a song. "If youcan't think of any, just sing The Star Spangled Banner - every boy knowsthat one", I added.Obviously unused to singing in front of strangers, Chayse blushed a prettyshade of pink, but bravely stood to attention, cleared his throat and begana shaky, high-pitched warble. I felt sorry for him by the time the twilighthad gleamed its last, and motioned for him to stop. Relieved, his handsdrifted to cover his crotch, a posture I wanted to prevent."Okay, Chayse, I want you to put your hands up to your shoulders and hugyourself. Imagine you are kissing a supermodel. Eyes shut, I want to seepassion in your face". Embarrassed again, the boy flushed brightly but didas he was bid, caressing his shoulders and forearms while puckering hislips and kissing the air. His boy boner pointed straight at me. When hishands reached his waist, I stopped him. Mrs Matherson was staring, glassyeyed, at the ceiling. Time to pick up the pace, I thought."Mrs Matherson, does Chayse have any scars I should know about? You willrecall the advert mentioned incidental nudity. Tasteful, of course", Ihastened to add."Shcars?" the boy's mom slurred. "He got his 'pendix out two years back. Iguess that left a scar. Show Mr Howerd yer 'pendix scar, Chaysey", sheordered. The poor boy gave her a pained look but complied, slipping theright shoulder strap of the leotard off, and pulling his elbow out to lowerthe right side of the shiny suit down far enough to expose his appendixscar. Unfortunately for the boy's modesty, the material of the garment didnot stretch far enough to allow it, so I beckoned him to come closer. Whenhe was within reach, I slipped Nudist Preteen the left shoulder strap off, pulling thewhole garment down to his waist. Chayse made a feeble grab for thematerial, but I was faster. Pulling the leotard down past his bony hips, Igathered it to just above his crotch. There was the scar, just Nudist Preteen above hisright groin, barely visible. "Ah, yes, that will be no problem", I smiledat him.The material of the leotard was now bunched all around Chayse's lowerbelly, giving him the relief of concealment. But not for long. Before hecould pull the straps back into place, I innocently asked his mother "Noscars or blemishes on his bottom?". She just waved a hand, so I pulled theflimsy garment down to mid-thigh, making Chayse gasp. His little peckerturned out to be circumcised, a fact which I had suspected from my earlierobservations. His hairless scrotum was tight against his body, balls barelydiscernable. Chayse's embarrassment did not extend to his little cock,which stiffened under my attention, bouncing up proudly as I held the boy'ships, swivelling him around to check his bottom for any unsightly markings(not that I cared)."Might as well check his thighs and legs while I'm here", I remarked to hismother, who gave an I-could-care-less toss of her head. "Boys are alwaysskinning their knees, aren't they", I chatted conversationally to MrsMatherson as I pulled her son's borrowed garment all the way down to hisankles. He tried to cover his little package with one hand, so I pulledboth his hands away from his body and continued my conversation with hismother."I see you've had Chayse circumcised", I observed, making it clear to bothof them exactly where I was looking. "Doctor did a fine job, too, from whatI can see", I added, to rub it in."Did it in hoshpital, er, hospital, when he was born", Mrs Mathersonslurred. "Easier t'keep clean"."Yes, you're right, Mrs Matherson. And they don't feel it so much whenthey're babies, either, do they", I concurred, fondling the exposed knob ofChayse's little pecker. He still had his back to his mother so she couldnot quite see what I was doing.I pushed a little further. "And Chayse's balls haven't dropped yet, that'sa good thing", I enthused, tweaking the boy's scrotum as I did so. "Itmeans his voice won't be breaking for some time yet. Nearly ruined thefirst Potter movie, you know", I whispered to Mrs Matherson confidentially,still groping Chayse's package like a greengrocer feeling a tomato. Hereyebrows raised with interest, keen to Nudist Preteen hear some insider gossip. "Oh, yes,when Dan Radcliffe's voice broke three weeks into shooting they nearlycanned the whole thing. Just between us", I leaned in towards her, loweringmy voice (but still rubbing Chayse's tool) "Dan was very good**off-camera**, if you know what I mean". Mrs Matherson sniggered, thenfell back in the chair grinning widely.I decided it was time to raise the stakes. "Well, I've seen all I needtoday, thanks both of you for coming along. No, it's alright Mrs Matherson,I'll take Chayse down to the props room to get him dressed, you just stayright there", I added, as Mrs Matherson made a feeble attempt to get out ofthe deep-cushioned chair. I slipped the leotards off Chayse's ankles, thentook his hand, walking the naked boy back to the properties room.Chayse's clothes were laid carefully on the bench where I had put theleotards, but there was no sign of underwear. "Where's your undies,Chayse?, I asked, releasing his hand."Mother put them in her handbag", he replied, reaching for histrousers. That confirmed my decision to proceed.I put my hand on his arm to stop him from picking up his slacks, then satin an old armchair. "Would you like to give me a blowjob?", I askedconversationally, as though it were the most natural thing in the world.Chayse's neck and face flushed pink, and he scowled at me. "I'm going totell my Mother what you just said", he declared in a low growl, startingfor the door. When he reached for the handle, I played all my cards."Sure, tell your mother if you like. It will be your word against mine. Butask yourself this: what do you think she'll say? What did she say when Iput my hand between your legs and carried you to the pit? What did she saywhen I pulled down your leotard to look at your bottom? Did she tell me tostop when I touched your balls and cock? Right in front of her? Have youhad enough time to think about why she made you take off your undies beforeputting on that leotard? And which do you think she'd expect you to do?Give up a promising acting career before it starts by being a tattle-tale?Or would she say 'It's no big deal, just suck some dick Chayse' ?. You knowher better than I do, Chayse. Nudist Preteen And you can bet no studio is going to want atattle-tale...a crybaby...a squealer, a boy who runs to Mommy every timesome director asks for a little head. It's only sex, after all, I'm notasking for a lifetime commitment here. Who knows, you might like it. And ifyou do me, I'll do you!right back. Whattaya say?"Chayse's dick, which had softened on our walk to the props room, answeredfor him. On hearing I would blow him back, it pumped up to its full lengthof nearly three inches in a couple of seconds. Still scowling, but now withshoulders slumped in resignation, Chayse walked away from the door and backto me. He knelt on the floor between my knees, frowning furiously."Now remember Chayse, don't do this unless you want to. I bet there'splenty of boys in this town wanting to become actors, who would blow mewillingly. So I don't want a half-hearted effort. Remember where you Motherput your undies - she wouldn't have done that unless she had a pretty goodidea of what we were going to be doing in here, would she?" Actually I hadnot a clue why Mrs Matherson put the undies in her bag - but I was bettingChayse didn't either. I pulled my sweats down in the front to release mydick. With one last look at Nudist Preteen me, Chayse opened his lips and bowed his headdown to swallow my knob. I must say, there are few better sights in theworld than the top of a boy's blond head bobbing up and down in one'slap. I think this was Chayse's first time, with a grown-up anyway, judgingfrom his amateurish performance. But it was pleasurable enough for me, andhey, we could work on it. After only a couple of minutes I lifted his headup carefully with my hands unde!r his jaw and told him I was going to cum."I'll be shooting my jizz soon Chayse, so swallow it all down, that way wewon't make a mess", I lectured him calmly, before lowering his head backdown. Ten seconds later I bucked my loins upwards and squirted intoChayse's mouth. He obediently swallowed, licking around my knob to get thelast drops, then stood up. I was delighted to see his boner still rigid."Good boy", I praised him. "That wasn't so bad, was it? Not the end of theworld, eh?", I chided. He blushed again as I said "Now your turn. Take myplace", I explained as I got out of the chair and swung Chayse's skinnybody into it. I pulled his legs forward so he was slumped down in the largearmchair, then without fanfare I engulfed his pencil-sized dick in mymouth. Chayse jerked on first contact, then sighed deeply as I settled in,tonguing and bobbing.Without breaking my rhythm, I eased my hands under his bottom, which washanging half over the edge of the chair, and lifted it upwards slightly intime with my sucking. Chayse's Nudist Preteen hips soon got the message, first flexing,then pumping, then bouncing on my hands until the Nudist Preteen boy arched his back andstifled a groan, his cock drumming against my swirling tongue. I let hisbuttcheeks down slowly back to the cushion, then helped the boy to hisfeet.Unexpectedly, Chayse stood up on the armchair's seat and threw his armsaround my neck and hugged me, sobbing a little into my neck. "Hey, it'sokay, Chayse, I like you too", I comforted him. "You'll have plenty ofchances for sex, with me, and with boys your own age, if you continue inthis business. Enjoy it while you can". I gave him a peck on the cheek, myhands cupping his bottom. He pecked me back with a shy smile, then hoppeddown off the chair and grabbed his slacks, quickly dressing while Iwatched, smiling encouragement. We walked back to Mrs Matherson together,who looked blankly at us as though we had never left."Chayse is all set now, Mrs Matherson", I assured her jovially. "Here's mycard, with my home address and phone number on it, Chayse can call me if hewants to learn more about the business. Meanwhile, my secretary will be intouch with you when filming starts. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to find apart for Chayse"." 'Swunnerful news, juss wunnerful", Mrs Matherson slurred as she roseunsteadily to her feet. Chayse smiled ruefully at me as he helped hismother to the door. Just before it shut on the pair, Chayse blew me asilent kiss. I smiled back, hoping that I would hear from him soon.* * *Combining the roles of producer and director makes for a busy week. Thedays just fly by. Before I knew it, Friday was upon me, which meant threemore boys to audition: Taren, Ryder and Sunshine. They all arrived beforethe set time, which meant that my modest foyer, where Miss Hatherway ruled,was filled with three boys and three screen Moms well before the teno'clock audition time. I wandered out a minute before ten a.m., saw theexpectant faces and invited them all through."Greetings one and all!" I declared, trying to win them over with mycharm. "Please, ladies, find seats; boys, to one side please, you won'thave time to sit down". One of the mothers chuckled a little at this, whichencouraged me to continue."Coffee machine to your left, ladies, mini-bar on your right. Please helpyourselves, but no alcohol for the minors, I beg you!" That got anotherchuckle. "First of all, thank you all for coming along today, I know thateverything is always busy, busy, busy when you have a son who wants toact". I stepped over to the door and called out "Miss Hatherway, please cutthree cheques for travel expenses for Mrs Matthews, Mrs Jamieson and MrsMacLane, five hundred dollars each, thank you". The ladies looked at eachother to try to decide who was going to argue with me, but none of themdid. They all smiled, though, maybe imagining what they would do with theirwindfall. The boys stood patiently off to one side, not speaking to eachother. Time to remedy that."Okay, gentlemen, your hour has come", I addressed the boys. "The purposeof this audition is so I can find out if you have the right stuff for mymovie. I'll be asking you to do a variety of things, and I expect instantcompliance. Your mothers will be sitting in these chairs, watching all ofyou, as will I. Some of the things I will ask you to Nudist Preteen do relate to themovie, and some are just so I can see what you're capable of. None of theroles has been definitely cast as yet, so you're all in with a chance. It'sup to you, what you make of it". Nudist Preteen Not quite the Gettysburg address, but itwould have to suffice.I summoned up my courage, addressing the mothers as much as the boys. "Tobegin - the first pivotal scene in my movie involves a kiss between twoboys". Two of the mothers shifted uncomfortably in their chairs, as Icontinued. "Now I appreciate some of you boys might find this a bitconfronting, but I'm asking you to think about your craft. Heath Ledgerkissed a guy in Brokeback Mountain, and the universe didn'tcollapse. No-one in the business thinks any the less of Heath because ofit. So I want you boys to forget any schoolyard nonsense about 'gayness',and think about 'gay-ning' a part in this movie. First, can I have Ryderand Taren". The two nominated boys shuffled forward, sneaking a glance ateach other as they did so."Good. Now I know it's hard to relax when you have to kiss another guy, soI'll try to make it as painless as I can. Ryder, put your hands on Taren'sshoulders, and give him a peck on the cheek, please". Without a glance athis mother, Ryder did exactly as I asked, bussing Taren's face and smilingat his mother afterwards."Well, now" I exhaled with relief, "the world didn't come to an end, didit?". Nervous chuckles from the mothers, and the boys relaxed alittle. "This time, I want Taren to kiss Sunny. On the lips, please Taren,but you don't have to prolong it. Just a brush of the lips will befine. See how you go". I didn't want to expose Sunshine to ridicule bysaying his full name, so I abbreviated it in the hope that the other boyswouldn't pick up on the unusual forename. Taren didn't let me down, givingSunshine a little hug and rubbing lips with him for half a second."You're doing great boys, well done so far. Ladies, did I mention thecoffee bar and the mini-bar?All of the drinks are complementary, thecompany pays for it in some kind of complicated tax dodge that I don'tquite understand, so don't feel you are robbing me. Tuck in". A giggle fromthe mothers as they stirred themselves out of their seats to get theirdrinks. They had obviously decided that nothing inappropriate was going tohappen while they were present, so they lowered their collectiveguard. Leaving me my opening."Great stuff so far boys. Sunny, I think it's your turn, but before you do,I'd like you all to take off your shirts. In the actual scene, the two boysare in their bathing costumes. Is that alright with you ladies?", Ienquired, turning towards the three mothers.Mrs MacLane was helping herself to a whiskey and soda, and assumed the roleof spokesperson for the group. "Sure, why not", she asserted. "Ryder neverwears a shirt around the house. And they're only boys, what harm can itdo?"."Okay, shirts off, fellas, Sunny, I want you to give Ryder a smooch on thelips, only this time, when your lips touch, I want you to hold thatposition until I say 'Cut!', okay?" Sunshine and Ryder both nodded, Ryder'sdark blond hair shaking like a lion's mane as he did so. That sight putsome lead in my pencil, I can tell you."Ready fellas? ...and...Action!" I directed. The two boys embraced, lipslightly touching. Ryder was a few inches taller than Sunshine, so he had tobend his neck a little to put their lips on a level. The boys were holdingon to each other's shoulders, so I stepped behind Sunshine and droppedRyder's hands down to Sunshine's waist, then stood behind Ryder and did thesame to Sunny's hands. "And...Cut! Well done, boys. Taren, I hope you werewatching, because you're next with Ryder. This time, I want you closeenough so your chests are touching, got it?" There was no real need to askTaren if he was watching - his eyes were glued to the scene of two boyskissing like it was a pot of gold.I could hear the three mothers chattering a few feet behind me, all threetalking at once as women are wont to do, so I thought it was time to get alittle action for myself. "Sunny, come here, please. Stand on this box", Iordered, motioning toward a rigid plastic milk crate I had dragged over tothe group of boys. "Now this kissing scene is vital to the whole movie. Ihave an idea in mind of how it should look. I'm going to demonstrate onSunny how I want it to go, then you two should follow what I do. Got it?"Ryder shook that delicious mane of his, Taren also nodded, and before Sunnycould object I wrapped my arms around him and plastered my lips ontohis. My hands moved slowly up and down his back as I rubbed lips in a drykiss with a surprised Sunshine. "Okay", I declared, releasing Sunny from mygrip. He seemed a little reluctant to let me go, I might add. "Now you twotry it".Taren and Ryder kissed with a modest improvement in passion on theirprevious effort. I broke them up after a minute of dry snogging and chastegroping. Nudist Preteen "Not too bad, boys, you're getting there. Taren, here to the boxplease. Ryder, you're with Sunny. This time I want eyes open and lookinginto each other's eyes. Remember, you're not kissing your mother here". Allthree boys made a nervous giggle at my feeble joke. I stepped up to Taren,who had already mounted the milk crate (a little eagerly, I thought), tookthe boy in my arms and joined my lips to his, pushing my tongue straightinto his mouth. Taren's eyes flew Nudist Preteen open in shock, staring at me, so I staredright back, sloshing my tongue all over his teeth and gums, prodding at hissmaller tongue and stroking his back, grazing over his jean-clad bottom afew times.Before Taren could regain his senses I reversed the suction to draw hislittle tongue into my mouth. His eyes, already wide, opened still furtheras I sucked and prodded his dainty tongue, swirling it around in mymouth. My wandering hands gave his bottom a gentle squeeze each time theypassed, once even wandering into his denim-covered crack. Our lips partedwith a small pop as I released the boy, who seemed to swoon for a moment,so I helped him off the milk crate. "Thank you Taren, very well done", Ipraised him. Sunshine and Ryder had finished their kiss, the mothers payingus no attention at all, so I led the boys over to the pit."Now, boy, I want to see some throws. Has anyone seen a pit like thisbefore?""I have, Mr Howerd", piped up Taren. "It's used in gym, for softlandings". The boy smiled up at me, very anxious to please, it seemed."Spot on, Taren. Would you like to show the other two boys how it work byjumping in?' I thought it an appropriate reward, and it wouldn't hurt toencourage friendly feelings in the boy. He grinned and threw himself intothe foam rubber pieces, then climbed out of the pit, laughing."Now boys, don't be embarrassed", I explained, "but I need to know if youare all wearing underpants. Doesn't matter what kind they are, boxers,briefs, coloured, white, I don't care. But the next activities are a bitvigourous, and I see Nudist Preteen two of you are wearing tailored slacks. They might notstand up to this treatment. If anyone isn't wearing any undies, no problem,I can get some shorts from the props room for you"."I got boxers", declared Ryder."Me too, Mr Howerd", added Sunshine."I've got briefs, Mr Howerd", chimed in Taren."Excellent, lads. Run over to your mothers and slip your trousers off, foldthem neatly, shoes and socks off too please, then back here on thedouble. Chop chop!" I ordered. The boys scampered to their Moms to followmy instructions and undress down to their undies. I did not detect anyprotests from the mothers, so to cap it off I called out to the seatedwomen "Just a quick wardrobe change!". The ladies giggled, and as I hadhoped, the mini-bar was doing its job.The three boys returned almost simultaneously, panting a little, ready forthe pit. I smiled broadly at them, each boy now dressed in next tonothing. "Now that Taren has demonstrated how harmless - and fun - the pitis, I want to see each of you be thrown into it. I'll give you a bit of anidea of what I'm looking for...let's see...er, Taren, can you be my firstmodel?" Dressed only in powder blue briefs with a white waistband, the boyeagerly ran to my side. Obviously, my kissing ability had won me aheart. "Very good. Now I'm going to lift you up and toss you into the pit,and I want you to make it as spectacular a dry splash as you can. Got it?"The boy nodded like a frisky puppy, standing with legs slightly apart so asto allow me to employ the 'crotch grip' once again. Taren felt somewhatunderendowed in the genital department to my grasping hand as I hoisted himup to my waist, then hurled him into the foam rubber blocks."Cowabunga!", the happy Nudist Preteen boy shrieked in his high voice as he sailed intothe pit. The other two boys needed no further prompting, but they couldn'tdecide who would be the thrower and who the throwee. Ryder's more masculinebuild settled the matter as he lifted Sunshine with the same grip I hademployed on Taren. The two boys clambered out, Sunshine immediatelygrabbing Ryder to get revenge for the first throw. Taren looked at me alittle sheepishly, so I beckoned him over."This time boys, try to lift like this", I demonstrated on Taren, takinghold of both his narrow hips like a ballet move and lifting him straight upbefore releasing him to gravity and the pit. Taren seemed a bitdisappointed that I didn't grope him, so I decided to remedy that on thenext throw. Sunshine and Ryder were roughly equally matched, so it probablyhelped matters that I stuck with Taren."One more throw each, boys, we've got more activities to get through yet",I advised. I saw Ryder trying to climb onto Sunshine's shoulders to getmore height into his jump, so I called Taren over again. "Looks like youand me, Taren. One last throw?" I asked, expecting him to comply.The boy grinned widely and stood in anticipation on the edge of the pit,legs quite spread apart. I approached him from behind and traced myfingertips down his back first, making him shudder. My other hand feltaround his chest and tummy, as if to locate the ideal position forlaunching a throw. This time, instead of cupping my whole hand on hispackage, I just used four fingers. Twisting my thumb around, I lodged itright in the middle of Taren's crack, pressing on what I calculated was hishole. He gasped, so I pulled my hand away, but he frowned in dismay so Ireturned my hand to the same position, applying a little more pressure withmy thumb. I could hear Taren's breath coming in little pants, so I pickedhim up and asked "Ready?". He nodded, waiting for the throw. "Are you sureyou're ready?" I asked again, increasing the pressure of my thumb on hishole. He nodded again, so I gave an almighty heave and hoisted his body tosail into the pit.All Nudist Preteen the boys were starting to tire from the physical exertion (as was I),so I led them over to their mothers for a water break. As they sippedchilled water from little paper cups, I chatted to their mothers, makingsmall talk, mostly about the movie industry. I brought up the subject ofdisfiguring scars, asking the group Nudist Preteen whether their boys were blemish-free inthe areas presently covered by their undies, explaining myself by remindingthem of the 'incidental nudity' clause in the 'Gaiety' advert. Mrs MacLanesurprised me by taking the initiative."Ryder's got no scars, that I Nudist Preteen know of", she declared confidently. "Comeover here, Ryder", she ordered her son, who stepped over to where we fouradults were seated. "Turn around and drop your shorts, Ryder", shecommanded, in a tone that left all of us in no doubt that she would beobeyed. Nudist Preteen Ryder turned and dutifully pulled his boxers down to his knees,showing two quite impressive pristine globes."No scars there, Mrs MacLane, thanks for that", I remarked, mentally filingthe sight of Ryder's bottom away for future reference. There followed anawkward pause of about a second and a half before Mrs Matthews called out alittle more demurely "Sunshine! Come here please".Ryder and Taren looked at each other as though they weren't sure whether toburst out laughing or not, but I averted any possible faux pas byinterjecting "We've been calling him Sunny, for short, I hope that's okayMrs Matthews?". She nodded, taking hold of her son's hips and swivellinghim around in front of her so that his back was towards her, then pullinghis boxers down to mid thigh. Clearly, she didn't trust him to do itproperly himself, a curious fact which I similarly filed away. Sunshinedisplayed a skinny, almost straight-sided bottom, not rounded like Ryder's,but still free from any disfigurement. After all the mothers and I hadinspected Sunshine's derriere and declared it unscathed, Mrs Matthewspulled up his boxers and gave him a little slap on the bum to send him onhis way.Taren surprised me for about the fourth time that day by obviating hismother's call, positioning himself in front of me, facing away, and tellinghis Mom "It's okay, Ma, I can do it". He pulled his blue briefs down to hisknees and pushed his tiny bottom out towards my face. Unlike the postureadopted by the other two boys, Taren's exaggerated pose had the effect ofspreading Nudist Preteen his cheeks a little, so that I could clearly discern a fading,pale yellow bruise radiating outwards from his hole, the unmistakeable signof sexual activity. I reached out and turned Taren's hips a little so thatthe mothers could not see what I could see."Looks fine, Taren", I assured him, slipping his undies back up his legsand giving him a pat on the bottom as I had just seen Mrs Matthews do. MrsJamieson gave me a little smile of thanks, leaving me with only one task -to tell the boys that they were all under active consideration for a rolein the movie. Many smiles and much sighing with relief followed, I passedaround my personal cards, the boys dressed themselves (except for Sunshine,whose mother helped him dress). I ushered the six of them out the door, myhand on Taren's shoulder as I did so. "Call me", I whispered to Taren justbefore the door shut on the chattering group.* * *Pierre dropped in for a visit that afternoon. I sensed he had been waitingfor me to get rid of the young starlets and their mother hens. "And do wehave a title for this flick as yet? Or shall I wait to see it in lights?",he taunted. Honestly, if he wasn't the best associate producer I've everknown I would have kicked his ass out the door long ago, friendship or not."I haven't decided yet. What do you think of 'Getting Evan With Dad' - it'sa pun on the Culkin/Danson movie? It could work, if the second lead's nameis Evan", I suggested.Pierre sneered. "Maybe 'A Series Of Unfortunate Script Choices' might beappropriate?", he simpered."Come on now, Nudist Preteen Pierre, be positive. How about 'Marrying Dad' ? It's got thevirtue of simplicity, and it's a bit intriguing as well"."Trying to attract the redneck audience now, are we? How about 'My Son TheMatchmaker' ?", Pierre suggested, starting to get serious."Not bad, not Nudist Preteen bad", I responded, "but it gives Nudist Preteen away too much in thetitle. We need something... enigmatic! What do you think of 'MisplacedAffections' ?""Hmm. Sounds a bit girly. You might have a lot of twenty-something femalesturning up expecting a chick flick. Would they be in for Nudist Preteen a surprise!",Pierre noted. "No, I think if you're genuinely going after the...(ahem)alternative lifestyle demographic-""You mean the gay audience?" I interrupted."As I was saying, a film such as this maybe should have the word 'boy' inthe title somewhere to tip everyone off that it's a...well, an avant-gardeslice of modern mores", Pierre explained."You mean it's a gay film so maybe it needs...er, a French title - like LaCage Aux Folles, or Ma Vie En Rose? Hmm. That might attract the indie crowdas well. It's got possibilities, Pierre, well done. Now I know why I keepyou around", I smirked. "The French word for 'matchmaker' is 'lemarieur'. How about we go with that for now? Until you come up withsomething better?""As you wish, Don. It's your show", Pierre conceded, although I think hewas secretly pleased by the French title. I cleared my desk and locked upthe warehouse to head for my home in the hills.* * *Toast and breakfast coffee were respectively burning and bubbling in mykitchen when the squawk box for my front gate sounded. Like most of thehomes up here, mine had a strong set of security gates guarding a longdriveway. Puzzled as to who on earth would be buzzing me at (I checked mywatch) Ten After Eight! I pressed the answer button. "Yes?""Mr Howerd? Is that Mr Howerd?" I heard a crackly female voice over theintercom."Is that...Mrs Matherson?" I hazarded."We're sorry to call so early, Mr Howerd", the scratchy voice of Chayse'smother continued, "but-""It's all right, Mrs Matherson, come on up. The gate should be openingnow", I cut in, not wanting her to have to explain herself while standingat my front gate. I opened my front door to greet her, only to find bothMrs Matherson and her son Chayse walking up my driveway. I guess I justassumed they would be in a car."I left the cab...waiting outside...the gate, Mr Howerd", Mrs Mathersonexplained, out of breath from the walk up my drive. "I know it's shortnotice, but you did offer...Chayse wanted to visit you and discuss themovie...I hope we haven't been too presumptuous....the cabbie is going totake me to a medical appointment - it's nothing serious...I'll ring beforeI come back for Chayse...probably this afternoon, if that's alright?"I was flabbergasted. Mrs Matherson was willing to leave her son with me formost of the day? Chayse had already stepped inside the door, carrying asmall valise, and had turned to farewell his Mom, who was alreadydisappearing down the driveway. Bizarre. I turned to Chayse."Well, lad, have you had breakfast yet?" He shook his head in the negative,so I led him to my kitchen, after closing the front door. The valise was abit of a worry. I decided to let Chayse know where he stood from theoutset.I sat on a kitchen stool and called Chayse to stand in front of me. "So,are you wearing underpants today, Chayse?", I enquired. He blushed andlowered his face. I lifted his chin so I could see his eyes. "No place forshyness here, Chayse. Say what you think. Did you want some breakfast, orwould you rather have my cock in your mouth again?" I deliberatelyconfronted him so he would be an active participant in whatever we mightget up to, not a docile follower.Full of surprises, Chayse raised his chin off my hand and said "Both! Butnot at the same time!"Laughing, I hopped off the stool and warmly squeezed him in a quick hug. Ilifted him onto the benchtop and leaned my face close to his, lightlykissing his cherry lips. "Okay, food first, then sex. Excellent", Ideclared, gathering the ingredients for a quick omelette.* * *Mid-morning had come and gone before I was able to think rationallyagain. A naked Chayse lay curled up on my bed alongside me (also naked),one pale skinny leg thrown over my thighs, a tiny hand resting on my barechest. I traced my fingers up and down his knobbly spine. I'm yet to find aboy that doesn't find that exhilarating, and Chayse was no exception. Hestirred into wakefulness, glancing Nudist Preteen at me several times as if to reassurehimself that the last two hours actually happened."You're a sexpot, that's what you are", I teased him. "Honestly, I mightneed to start taking Viagra to keep up with you".Chayse blushed, something he had done a lot of recently. "You're the onethat's sex mad", he Nudist Preteen countered, "licking my bumcrack like that"."Did you like it?", I nudged him. "It sounded like you Nudist Preteen did, from all thatmoaning"."I loved it. I hope you do it again, and soon", Chayse replied gamely. Hestretched like a cat, giving me the opportunity to stroke his flanks allthe way down to his knees."We've missed morning tea, but maybe you don't need any, judging by howmuch of my jizz you swallowed", I tormented him, but he just smiled at me."You only gave me three loads, old man. I sucked you dry", Chayse declared,rubbing my hairy belly before letting his hand stray down to my tumescentdick. I let him fondle my tool for a minute before continuing ourchit-chat."Which did you enjoy more?", I enquired, "when I sucked your toes, or whenI fingered your tight little bumhole". I felt Chayse's body give aninvoluntary shiver when I mentioned my intrusive finger, so I let my handlinger near his crack, waiting for his answer.He looked me square in the eyes. "I loved the feel of your finger. But yougive a pretty good toe suck too, for an old guy. Maybe I need moreexperience before I-" Our post-fellatial banter was rudely interrupted bythe squawk box next to my bed, announcing a presence at my front gate. Whatthe hell was going on? Not even noon on a Saturday, and I have a secondcaller? Don't people have any sense of propriety any more?"Yes?" I answered brusquely."Uh, Mr Howerd, it's me, Taren. Taren Jamieson? You said I could call andsee you? Only Mom's already driven off. Can I come up? Please?" the cracklyvoice pleaded.I buzzed him through the gates, fixing my gaze on Chayse. "Taren's anotherboy I'm auditioning for the movie", I explained. "I'll be friendly to him,and I expect you to be as well. If you're feeling jealous, get over it, andfast. He's another up-and-coming actor, just like you. I suggest you getdressed, Nudist Preteen like I'm going to do, and when he gets here, treat him like along-lost brother. There's enough of me for you both to share, just as Iplan to share him with you. Got it?""Better put your pants on, old man, he'll be here before you know it",Chayse chided, showing a newfound maturity. "It'll be good to meet someonewho can keep up with me in bed". I cuffed him over the ear lightly,chuckling as I did so. Boys. They always manage to surprise you.I settled for boxers covered by a robe, but Chayse pulled on shorts, slacksand a shirt. I met Taren at the door, and damned if he didn't carry Nudist Preteen avalise as well! Did I have some kind of secret sign at the gates saying'Waifs With Luggage Welcomed Here', or what?"Hello Taren, I wasn't exactly expecting you, but I'm glad you'rehere. This", I stood aside to reveal a shyly smiling Chayse, "is anotheryoung actor who's trying out for my movie, Chayse Matherson. Chayse, whydon't you take Taren out into the yard, have a look around, and I'll catchup with you shortly, these breakfast dishes won't wash themselves".Chayse took the older (but smaller) boy's hand and practically dragged himacross the spacious open-plan room to my side doors, which were glasssliders. "Hey, Mr Howerd!" Chayse yelled. "You got a pool! Can we go in?Can we? Please?" The two boys, Chayse still holding Taren's hand, werehopping excitedly on the spot, so I quickly relented."Well, boys, there is a skinny dipping scene in the movie, so I guess nowis as good a time as any to find out how well you can manage it. Runupstairs then, Chayse, you know which room it is, get undressed, fold yourclothes up neatly- Neatly! - and you can come back down for a swim. I'llbring some towels out for you when I've finished up in here". Grinninginsanely, the two boys scampered up the stairs (still holding hands) whileI fussed with the debris of breakfast which I had previously ignored in myeagerness to get Chayse into bed.I was bent over, stacking the dishwasher with plates and mugs, when theboys stampeded back down the stairs, through the side doorway and out intomy yard. It didn't bother me that I missed Taren's nude debut; I wasconfident I'd be seeing all his charms pretty soon. The tinkling sound ofboy laughter, mixed with splashing, assured me that all was well outside. Islipped upstairs to my bedroom, taking the two valises with me. The boys'clothes were neatly folded and stacked in two piles on my unmade bed, whichpleased me. I dropped my shorts and added them to the bed, but kept my robeon, then descended the stairs to catch up with the boys.I considered opening the glass doors quietly, lest Nudist Preteen I disturb the boys, butI saw instantly that I need not have worried - an explosion would not havedistracted them. Chest deep in the shallow end, the two boys were wrappedin a passionate embrace, completely oblivious to my approach. I spread thetowels out on the grass under a shadecloth awning, then carried a foldingchair over to the side of the pool nearest the boys.Chayse was the first to see me. "Hi Mr Howerd", he greeted me cheerfully,breaking his liplock with Taren. "We were just practicing the kissing sceneagain", he explained cheerfully. "Weren't we, Tarrey?" The smaller boynodded shyly, with a look on his elfin face that suggested he couldn'tbelieve his luck."I should have asked you both if you can swim, before letting you go inhere", I scolded myself aloud. "But you look okay to me. Just to be sure,you can show me how well you swim by racing to the far end and back, quickas you can. Before you start, do either of you mind if I join you? I'mnude, like you guys"."Sure you can! It's your pool!" Chayse laughed. "That's cool, isn't itTarrey? This old guy won't gross us out, will he?"Taren giggled. "Not me! I seen worse"."Okay boys, you can push off from the wall. Set? Go!" The two water babiestook off in a flurry of flailing arms and legs, allowing me to slip off myrobe modestly and edge into the water. The level of water at the shallowend came up to the boys' nipples, but was only waist deep for me. I had notquite gotten over the shock of the cold water, when Taren and Chaysecompleted their race. I sensed that Chayse held back a little to ensure aneven finish. He was impressing me more and more, that boy.Chayse waded over to me and gave me a hug around the middle. He glancedover and saw Taren hanging back, so he let go with one arm and waved thesmaller boy to join us in a group hug, which was another nice thought fromhim. Grinning at me mischievously, Chayse asked "Now we're in a real pool,can you throw us like you did at the pit?"Taren also looked at me pleadingly, like a stray puppy, so I had choice butto relent immediately. "Okay, but only a couple of Nudist Preteen throws. I'm an old man,remember", I joked."You go first, Chay", Taren suggested. He still seemed a bit reserved, eventhough Chayse was doing his best to include him and bring him out of hisshell. I turned Chayse around into the optimal position, then reachedbetween his legs for the crotch grip. He gave a happy squeal, then a louderone as I catapulted him upwards and into the deeper end. His little peckerwas not affected by the cold water, I guess it must have stiffened up whenthe two boys kissed.Taren had the same condition, I noticed, when I picked him up, feeling hissmaller (but just as stiff) tool as I lifted him into the air. He gave anear-splitting screech of happiness, cut off only when he hit the water. Twomore throws for each boy tested the limit of my endurance, so I drifted tothe edge and hauled myself out of the water. "Can you boys join me underthe shade so we can plan our day?", I invited them. A flash ofdisappointment flitting across his face showed that Chayse wasn't finishedhaving fun in the water, but he obediently got out anyway, helping Taren aswell. The two wet, naked boys sat with me on the towels."First off", I began, "I want to see whether your kissing practice in thepool just now has led to any improvement in your technique. Chayse, youfirst", I nominated, pulling Chayse to me before he could argue (not thathe would). I turned our bodies deliberately so that Taren could see meswapping spit with Chayse, running a hand up and Nudist Preteen down his wet body,including between his legs. Taren stared at us, open mouthed, nervouslysqueezing the end of his little stiffie. I broke off the kiss and Chaysemoved aside to give me some room."Very good, Chayse. Now you, Taren", I ordered. Adopting the same policy, Iwas sure Taren was aware that Chayse could see exactly what we were doingas I first cuddled him, then invaded his warm mouth and tongue-duelled withhim. I reached down with my spare hand to fondle his boner, humming intohis mouth as I did so. I felt him moan back, so I pushed his inner thigh alittle to see whether he would Nudist Preteen open his legs wider. He did, Nudist Preteen permitting meto tickle his shrivelled balls as well.Breaking the kiss, I kept hold of Taren and pecked at his lips a couple oftimes. Each time, he brought his lips closer to mine, as if he wantedmore. I stopped my kiss game and looked into his dark hazel eyes. "Taren,would you like Chayse to give you a blow job while I kiss you some more?",I asked, smiling. Chayse didn't even wait for Taren's answer, he edgedcloser to us and dived onto Taren's now exposed dick like a seagull on asick prawn, pushing his thighs wider apart to get in closer. Taren let hiseyes fall shut. I planted my tenderest kiss on his lips, then pushedthrough with my tongue. The boy relaxed in my arms, so I decided to putpart two of my plan into action.I have this theory, you see. My theory is that calm, affectionate sex, whenused on boys, makes an excellent truth serum. There was some information Iwanted from Taren, so I had guided the proceedings towards this moment toextract it. Among my many weaknesses is a fondness for boys who are alreadysexually active. I don't much care for virgins - I hate being the one torob their initial innocence, but I'm not above taking a slice from a cutloaf. Fact is, I found Taren's anal bruising, which I saw at his audition,a huge turn-on, and I felt a compelling urge to find out how it arose.I pulled my lips away from Taren's, and lightly stroked his cheek with theback of my hand. He seemed to revel in my touch. "So, Taren", I whispered,"is Chayse giving you a good suck? Feels nice, does it?""Uh huh", he whispered back. "It's my first one"."Is it? Well, congratulations. It won't be your last one today, bet onthat. Do you like Chayse?""Uh huh", came his reply. "He's nice"."He sure is", I agreed. "And he sucks really good, too. He gave me a greatsuck before you arrived this morning. I gave him one back too. Maybe youmight like to give him one back later"."Uh huh", Taren murmured."Taren, I want you to tell me how you got the bruise around your bumhole",I urged, willing him to open up to me. Nudist Preteen Chayse's tongue did the trick."It was at school", he whispered. "I needed to pee, so I went to thebathroom. I get nervous at the, you know, the trough thing, Nudist Preteen so I went intoa toilet stall, the sit down part. I didn't sit down, though, I just pulleddown my pants. I must have forgotten to latch the door, 'cause next thing Iknow, a boy, a big boy, Tommy is his name I think, he's fourteen I guess,he pushed the door open and yelled at me"."You're doing great. Keep going. What did Tommy yell?", I cajoled."He said 'Why's your door unlocked? Only faggots leave the door open! You afaggot?' I didn't know what to say, he just kinda barged in. Then he said'I guess you must be, lettin' someone else in the toilet with you'. Then heunzipped his pants and- and-"I continued stroking Taren's face. He wasn't crying, but he wasn't far offit. I could see by his eyes how vivid this Nudist Preteen memory was for him."How long ago did this happen? When Tommy fucked you?", I Nudist Preteen breathed. Chaysekept sucking."The first time was two weeks ago. When I got home I found some blood in myundies, so I hid them in my cupboard. Next day, one of Tommy's fr-friendsd-did it to me", Taren sobbed. I soothed him some more until he couldcontinue his sorry narrative."I saw them coming toward me so I ran into the bathroom to hide, but I sawTommy send one of them in after me. He found me and pulled me into thestall and shut the door. H-he pulled my pants down and p-put his c-cock upmy bottom. It hurt some at first, but then the pain went Nudist Preteen away. I tried tostay out of their way after that, but they still got me a couple times. Thelast time-""Go on, you're doing great, Taren, let it all out", I consoled him."The last time was on Thursday, the day before I came to- to theaudition. Tommy and his two friends found me in the corridor, and they justgrabbed me and walked me to the bathroom. They were laughing, and theys-said they were going to take t-turns. They got me in a stall, and got mypants down, but before they could start, the school janitor, Nudist Preteen Mr Mendez,heard them laughing and told them all to get out or he'd start breakingarms and legs. They all ran and left me"."So, you were rescued. Excellent!", I encouraged."Mr Mendez pulled my pants up, and took me to the utility room, you know,where he keeps his mops and buckets and stuff. He sat me in his lap. I- Icried a bit. Then he said he wanted to check my bottom, see if it was ok. Isaid he could, so he pulled my pants down, all the way off, and Nudist Preteen my shirttoo, until I was naked. Then he got a funny look on his faced and justhugged me. Then he started kissing me, you know, like you did at theaudition. It was nice. He- he touched me everywhere, and I liked it. Thenhe unzipped his pants and- and pulled me onto his lap again, only thistime, he- he-" Taren's voice faltered.I interrupted to let him gather his composure. "Mr Mendez fucked you? Afterrescuing you?" I asked, somewhat bemused."No, no, it wasn't like that!" Taren insisted. "It wasn't like when Tommyand the others did it. Mr Mendez was gentle, and nice. It felt...awesome!He cuddled me and kissed me the whole time, and after, he cleaned my bottomwith some tissues and kissed me some more. I went back to his room afterschool, but he had gone. A sign on his door said he- he wasn't comingback. Ever. The next day we had the audition, and when you kissed me likeMr Mendez did, I thought- I thought you...might...be nice to me like hewas. And then this morning, Mom was cleaning my room and she found theundies with the blood. She made me pack a bag and took me to the busstation. She was sending me to my dad's place in Nebraska. But I hatehim. So I came here instead"."You walked- what, five miles? From the bus station?" I gasped."I had your card, with your address. It only took two hours to walk here".Chayse left off licking Taren's scrotum and piped up. "He's a smart kid, MrHowerd. And a great kisser, too! And he's got a nice dick! Hey, I know! Whydon't you let Mr Howerd lick your hole, Tarrey? He's really good at it. Hedid mine this morning, it feels way cool!"Taren looked at me with that pleading look again. Not like he needed totwist my arm, but I had to be sure it was what he wanted. "Would you likeme to lick your hole, Taren? Right here, in front of Chayse?" I asked theboy in my arms.Taren smiled and nodded his head. Normally, I prefer a more definitiverequest for sex from my boy partners, but I was willing to relax my rule inTaren's case. He needed some healing, not the physical kind, but theemotional sort. Chayse surprised me again by offering to let Taren lie ontop of him, while they practiced their kissing some more, thus elevatingTaren's bottom to a convenient height for my lips."Good idea, Chayse, I like the way you think. But it might get a bituncomfortable for you, and besides, Taren offered to suck on yourdick. Let's try this way". I laid the two boys side by side in aconventional sixty-nine position; they needed no further urging and begansucking dick and stroking buttcheek straight away. To complete thethree-way, I lay behind Taren, but reversed, so my head faced his cutebuns. Chayse helped by pulling Taren's cheeks apart, once he worked outwhat I was doing.Much sighing and groaning ensued. It didn't take Taren long to get off ,because of all the previous oral attention he had received from Nudist Preteen Chayse. Iwas the only one missing out, but I felt it was an investment. I gave hishole a thorough licking, even making my tongue pointy and poking it insidea short distance. I think that might have triggered Taren's first climax -I hope so.I heard Taren's high voice give a Nudist Preteen long sigh, which suggested he'd finishedsucking Chayse's dick (for now), so I took the initiative and suggested tothe boys that a bite to eat might be nice about now. They didn't needasking twice, jumping up immediately and shaking the towels, wrapping themaround themselves so they looked like diminutive Roman citizens returningfrom the Baths. We headed inside, relishing the cool of the indoors afterour heated activities under the shadecloth.I was still a little concerned about Taren, so I questioned him gentlywhile making sandwiches for all of us."So, Taren, whereabouts does your dad live again?" I began."In Nebraska", he responded unenthusiastically. "Columbus"."Uh huh", I replied. "What does he do?""He drives a truck. Sometimes he's away for days and days. I think that'swhy him and Mom broke up. He lives with Grampaw now"."I see", I ventured, even though I didn't, really. "I guess I was kind ofwondering what was going to happen when the bus from here gets there andyou're not on it. What do you think will happen?""Dunno", Taren answered listlessly, showing the sandwich more interest thanour conversation. I got the impression that he was afraid that if he gaveout too much information, he would make it easy for me to send him away."And where did your Mom go after dropping you at the bus station?", Ipressed."She said she was going to visit her sister in Carson City for a fewweeks", Taren supplied, but there was a hint of doubt in his voice. Chaysepicked up on it too, because he gave me a knowing look."Okay, Taren, it looks like you're stuck with me for the time being, andI'm pleased as Punch to have you here. Chayse's Mom is going to call bylater this afternoon to pick him up, but we'll be seeing him again whenshooting starts. So it'll be just you and me after that, for a while. Say,do you think we Nudist Preteen should phone your Dad, tell him you're okay and not toworry. I know I'd feel a lot better if we did", I added, hopefully.Taren shrugged, and after finishing his sandwiches and milk wrote down hisfather's name for me. I was surprised to note that Taren didn't have hisfather's last name, but I don't think Taren saw my surprise.I used my cell to call the operator. "Hello? Yes, good afternoon, ma'am, Iwonder if you could find the number for Robert Joseph Orensdoerfer inColumbus, Nebraska? Sure, I'll wait....Um, yes, could you connect meplease? Thank you ma'am, you're a treasure....Hello, is that MisterOrensdoerfer? Mister Robert Joseph Orensdoerfer?....oh, that's yourson....Yes I'll wait....Hello, Mr Orensdoerfer? This is Don Howerd, callingfrom Los Angeles, I'm a movie producer, I've got your son Taren withme...yes, he's fine....no, she didn't tell me anything....she did? Well,Taren said that she told him she was going to visit her sister in CarsonCity?....no, Taren didn't want to go to Columbus....I guess so....no, Ididn't get that impression.....you do?....really?....well, that's mightynice of you Mr Orensdoerfer....yes, I've noticed Taren is a bit, er....yes,he is....uh huh....well, I sure will....like he was my own boy, MrOrensdoerfer....sorry, er, Bobby....yes, I'll be sure to do !that....thank you Bobby....did you want to speak to him?....okay, that'sfine.....yes, we'll be in touch....thanks again, Bobby. Bye".I looked at Taren with a mixture of happiness and amazement. That he couldhave flourished under parents like he had was simply astonishing. Taren waseyeing me with suspicion - I'm sure he thought the jig was up, and he'dsoon be shipped off to Nebraska like some inconvenient return-addressedparcel. I held my arms open to him. "Looks like I've got a new son", I saidsimply. Taren squealed loudly enough to shatter glass and leapt off hischair, the towel falling off in the process as he threw himself into myembrace. Chayse watched us, genuine affection in his eyes.Letting Taren go after a good long hug, I picked up his towel and handed itto him, suggesting that the two boys might like to go upstairs to practisetheir kissing some more, then maybe get dressed in case Chayse's Mom cameby soon. Nudist Preteen Chayse grinned and grabbed Taren by the hand, practically dragginghim up the stairs. I watched the two happy boys, smiling. One wearing a bigwhite bath towel around his waist, the other wearing it draped over hisshoulders. I called my lawyer on my cell and gave a succinct account ofTaren's circumstances. He agreed that some paperwork was needed from MrOrensdoerfer, and promised to get it started. I cleaned up the lunchtimedishes.It occurred to me that maybe I'd better not be wearing only a towel aroundmy waist when Mrs Matherson arrived to collect Chayse, so I wanderedupstairs to have a quick shower and get dressed. I was not too worried whenI heard grunting and moaning coming from my bedroom, nor was I overlyconcerned when I reached the doorway to be welcomed by the erotic sight ofChayse kneeling on my bed behind Taren (who was on all fours), fucking himvigorously. My shower could wait.I sat on the edge of the bed, smiling at Chayse, who was pumping his hipsfeverishly, in short rabbit pokes to ensure his dick didn't fall out. Helicked his lips, keeping up his stroke rate as he turned towards me. "Tarenthought up this role-play game", he said, almost out of breath. "He'splaying himself, and I'm playing Tommy, the boy from his school. It was hisidea, honest", he panted, holding Taren's hips and rocking the smaller boyback and forth as he plunged and withdrew, plunged and withdrew.Chayse's hair was plastered Nudist Preteen to his forehead with perspiration. Nudist Preteen "I alreadycame once, but he wanted me to fuck him again", he puffed, grinning atme. "Good thing I don't make sperms yet, or Taren either, or your bed wouldbe a mess! Jeez, I'm, urgh, coming...again!", Chayse gasped, pulling out ofTaren's bum and falling back on the bed."Go get a shower - I'll take over", I whispered. Taren's bum was wavingback and forth, as if looking through its one blind eye for the pole ofmeat that would make it whole, complete again. I crouched behind him andran my fingers down his back. Nudist Preteen "It's Mr Mendez, Taren. Mr Mendez", Iwhispered, leaning close to his left ear."Mr...Mendez? Is that you?" he whispered back, his bum pushing back to tryto touch me, satisfy himself that Mr Mendez was really there, not just avoice in his head."Yes, Taren, It's me, Mr Mendez. Have you been a good boy, Taren?" Iwhispered. This kid is either a brilliant little actor, or seriouslymentally disturbed. It suited me to believe the former."Oh, Nudist Preteen yes, Mr Mendez. I...I've been good, but...Tommy, he..." the boymoaned."You let Tommy fuck you again, didn't you Taren?" I whispered, now rubbingmy free hand all over his shoulders, back and bottom."He...he wanted to, and...and I..." Taren whined."You liked it, didn't you Taren?" I pushed, my hand still roaming all overhis back, Nudist Preteen bottom, and between his thighs. "You like it when Tommy fuckedyou, didn't you?" I whispered seductively in his ear."He...he made me...I didn't....I was frightened, I...it hurt", hewhimpered."It hurt at first, when he put his cock in your tight little hole", Iwhispered next to his ear, now concentrating my stroking in the region ofhis bumcrack, "but after that, after you had his cock inside you, after youfelt it moving inside your asshole, it felt good, didn't it, Taren"."It...I...couldn't help it...it felt so...good, so....full, andalive....I...let him do it", Taren stammered."Then, that day when I took you to my utility room, you wanted me to fuckyou, didn't you, Taren? You let me take all your clothes off, and you werenaked, and I touched you all over, touched your bottom, and your stifflittle cock, didn't I", I continued murmuring in the boy's ear."I...you...I wanted...", the boy panted."Are you hard now, Taren?" I whispered close to his ear. "Is your littlecock hard for Mr Mendez?". In a demonstration of his lust, the boy spreadhis knees apart a little further so that my roving hand, which until thenhad been tracing lines up and down his inner thigh and crack, could reachthrough and feel his prick, which was indeed rigid and throbbing.I sensed a presence behind me. Chayse, clad in a white fluffy towel, hadreturned from his shower and stood in the doorway, grinning at thespectacle of a man seducing a willing boy. Can the willing actually beseduced? Hmm - might make a good storyline for a movie. I gestured with myeyes towards the low set of drawers alongside my bed. On it sat a tube oflubricant. Chayse caught on right away, and picked it up, gingerly edgingaround the bed towards me so as not to disturb Taren (whose eyes were shutanyway). Instead of simply handing me the tube, which I expected, Chayseunscrewed the lid and squeezed a glob onto his fingers. Then, in an act ofpure unselfishness, he carefully applied the gel to my cock, slavering theslippery stuff all around it. I was about ready to burst, from the sheererotic intensity of the situation, and from Chayse's gentle application ofthe lube.Chayse nodded towards Taren's butt, and I returned the nod. I switched myfree hand from between Taren's legs to around his waist, and leaned my hipsforward. Chayse lined up my cock and Taren's hole with one hand, pushing mybum slowly with the other."Oh!" Taren squeaked, when my knob made contact with his rosebud. "Ah!" hesighed, as my dick's head was slowly engulfed by his elastic littleopening. "Unh!" he moaned as I pushed forward a couple of inches, my toolbeing swallowed by his back passage. His next noise was a kind of whinygurgle as my cock bottomed out in his ass, Chayse pulling his guiding handaway just in time. It was one of those perfect moments when you hope timewould stand still, as I let my prick soak in Taren's hot, snug tube. Theother reason I hoped for time to stop was my unmistakeable feeling that I'dbe climaxing in only two or three strokes, and I didn't want thisparticular fuck to end. Added to that, Chayse's towel had fallen from hiswaist (by accident, of course) and he was relieving the tension in his ownswollen pricklet by frantically jerking off not a foot away from where Iwas kneeling lance-deep in Taren.Instead of stroking in and out, I strained to keep my loins still as Ireached around for Taren's stiffie and started rubbing his foreskin overthe knob end. I had heard that there were some boys who have a series ofanal contractions when they climax; if Taren was one of them, we could bothorgasm together. I could simply let his rectum bring me off. Stillsupporting my weight with one hand on the bed, my other hand frigged hisdick with an increasing momentum, making the boy pant like a puppy. Beforetoo much longer, the thin body under me shook like a jelly all over asTaren's orgasm took hold. His ass sucked at my dick, bringing me over theedge with him. I collapsed forward, rolling to the side lest I crush my newlover, pulling him to my warmth, spooning him.Chayse, who had finished himself off, dressed himself then leaned over mewith a giggle. "I get that next time, alright old man? - when you recover!"he smirked, pecking me on the cheek. The squawk box chose that precisemoment to screech noisily. Chayse's Mom had returned. "You stay, I'll godown. I'll tell her you're having an afternoon siesta. She already thinksmovie people are weird, so no big deal. Don't forget - you owe me a fuck!"He left me to doze off. If there was any boy likely to make me break mypersonal vow to zip up around virgins, it was Chayse. Taren backed in tome, snuggling closer, pulling my arm to his chest.* * *We dozed for a couple of hours, during which time my cock softened andplopped out of Taren's ass. Recovering consciousness, I mentally comparedmy coupling with Taren to assignations with other aspiring boy actors thatI had fucked over the years. He certainly was the most enthusiastic ofthem, his lovemaking quite inventive. I half hoped that today was not aone-off, just another boy trying to sleep his way to a plum role.I tickled his ear with a finger, trying to annoy him into waking up. Afterbrushing his ear a few times to dislodge my Nudist Preteen finger, he groggily said "Allright! I'm awake!" in his high voice. He rolled over and smiled atme. "What's for dinner?" he asked. Boys! Always hungry!"How about we take a shower together, then I'll take you out to a nicerestaurant and show you Nudist Preteen off", I offered. Taren's smile widened, and hejumped up off the bed, yelling "Race you!" I didn't have time to wonder howhe knew where the bathroom was, but simply followed his bare buns down thehallway. Our combined shower was uneventful, except that I remarked onTaren's small size, for his age. He just gave a shrug and a wan smile. "Momonce told me I should try out to be a jockey. Only I don't like big dumbanimals""That lets me out, then", I riposted, eliciting a giggle and a gentle punchin the arm from Taren. We dressed, Taren pulling some fresh clothes fromhis valise.I took Taren to a nice restaurant, one that I knew had semi-privatebooths. They do a nice Nudist Preteen meal for kids there, an open burger with fries. Ihad a steak. Just before the dessert trolley came by, Taren knelt up on thebench to give me a hug (we were both seated on the same side of thebooth). "I have to tell you something, Mr Howerd", he whispered in my ear."Oh?" I replied, interested. "You really **do** want to be a jockey insteadof an actor?""No, silly", he giggled and punched me on the arm again. "It's about what Itold you this afternoon. About Tommy. And the other boys. And Mr Mendez"."I'm all ears", I replied, pulling my ears outwards to amuse him.Taren smiled at my joke, then began his tale. "Some of what I told you wastrue, sort of. I did get, uh, fucked, by a boy called Tommy, only he wasn'tany kind of bully. He was a real shy kid, in my class, and I had topractically drag him into the bathroom and force him to do it to me. I hadseen his big dick in showers after gym, and I just, well, I wanted him. Itwasn't blood Mom found in my undies, it was Tommy's, er, jizz"."I see, I think", I replied, evenly. "And Mr Mendez?" I prompted."He was my class teacher in sixth grade. I had the hots for him so bad, buthe was happily married. No matter what I tried, he never laid a finger onme. He's my favourite fantasy, whenever I get Nudist Preteen really horny I imagine he's,er, fucking my brains out. I use this rubbery thing I stole from Mom'sroom, it's a, kind of...""A dildo?", I finished for him, guessing what he meant."Or a vibrator, ifit's got batteries", I added.Taren's face lit up. "They come with batteries now? What a world we livein!", he sighed, forcing me to tickle him mercilessly. "Anyway, you were sonice to me, I had to tell you the truth. I didn't before, because I didn'twant you to think I was a...a...er, what's the word for a slut who's aboy?"I blinked. "I'm not sure that there is one. Maybe we could make oneup. What about a 'tarrey'?" The boy scowled good-naturedly and tried totickle me back, but I was too quick for him and managed to pin his handsbehind his back. He was panting with the exertion of trying to free himselfwhen the dessert cart finally arrived, laden with tortes, cakes, pastries,eclairs, puddings, and all manner of toppings and sauces, Nudist Preteen along with icecream (of course). We Nudist Preteen looked at each other, then burst into laughter as wehelped ourselves to our favourite sweets.I could honestly not recall a more pleasant evening out, than I had enjoyedthat night, in Taren's company. It's a brilliant feeling, knowing you'reout on the town with a boy you like, and who likes you, knowing that you'regoing to fuck him when you get home, and that he's going to be as eager forit as you are, a boy who wants to be fucked as much as you want to fuckhim. No need to try to seduce him with money, or professions of love, orpromises of acting jobs. No pretense about what you're going to be doinglater, just walking hand in hand from the restaurant back to the car ascontented as a couple of newlyweds.We did fuck that night. Quite a bit, really. I wasn't sure whether Tarenwould be up for it, given what we had already done that afternoon, butTaren would not be dissuaded. He even decided the position. Nudist Preteen He wanted me todo it to him in the missionary position (the first time), with him on hisback, his arms around my neck, his Nudist Preteen legs around my waist (they weren't longenough to allow him to lock his ankles in the small of my back), mecrouched over him, resting my weight on my elbows, see-sawing my cock backand forth in his well-lubricated hole as he sighed and moaned in-betweendeep kisses which left him gasping. I was beginning to have strong feelingsfor this boy, which left me puzzled about what I felt for Chayse.* * *We showered together the next morning, chastely again (except for somekissing Nudist Preteen while drying Taren with an oversized fluffy towel). I suggestedthat as it was a Sunday, we had no need to get dressed, we could just lazeabout the house for a few hours naked, before deciding what to do withourselves. Taren grinned his approval of that idea, even giving myhalf-tumescent dick a little kiss as I stood towelling myself off.At the breakfast bar, omelettes were again the popular choice. The ones Imake are quite light and easily digested, a good start to the day. Tarensuggested, after insisting that he stack the dishwasher, that a swim mightbe fun, maybe energise both of us. My counter-suggestion was that we mightspend the day (or part of it) at the beach. I knew an unofficial nude beachin the area that was reasonably safe for kids, quite a few familiesfrequented it."I've never been to a nude beach", Taren observed pensively, thenbrightened up a little as he wished aloud that Chayse could come with us."Give him a call", I prompted. "He left his number and address by thephone. Tell him we're going to a nude beach, and we'll drop by and pick himup if he Nudist Preteen wants to come too". Taren grabbed the phone gleefully and calledChayse's number. It sounded to me as though Chayse might have been waitingby the phone, judging by the speed of his reply. Taren's squeal of delighttold me Chayse was successful in obtaining his mother's permission, so Iloaded a backpack with bottled water and cold meats and fruit, andsuggested to Taren he might like to wear shorts and a shirt in the car, atleast."Can you come upstairs and Nudist Preteen help me get dressed?" Taren pleaded in his mostwinsome voice. The lustful way he licked his lips, wriggled his bare bottomand fluttered his eyelashes at me indicated he had something else on hismind than selecting clothes. I vaulted the stairs hot on the trail of Nudist Preteen thesquealing boy, who reached the bedroom ('our' bedroom) just beforeme. Without ceremony he took my dick in his hand and led me to the bed,pushing me backwards till I fell full stretch on top of the sheets."I never got to suck on this yesterday, or last night", he explained,giving my hardening cock a few pumps. "Chayse told me it was good fun, andthat you like it a lot. Plus, I don't want you to get embarrassed at thenude beach if you pop a stiffie, so I'll take care of him now". Tarendidn't explain any further, mouthing my knob and testing how much of theshaft he could accept comfortably. I recalled that he had some practiceyesterday on Chayse's compact dick, and he was putting that practice togood effect right now."It's funny, but on the..urghhh...nude beach, aaah, it's not really asexual thing, to walk around... uhhhh....naked, so you, ohh, don't get thesame...mmmmm....impulses you might get...ugh... otherwise". I was trying toexplain to Taren that the problem of erections on nude beaches did not'arise' as frequently as non-nudists believe, but his raspy tongue on myknobhead was proving to be an irresistible distraction. He locked his lipsbehind the ridge of my glans and hummed, while pumping my shaft, and thatdid me in. Resisting the urge to hold his head, in case he wanted to avoida mouthful of semen, I grabbed two handfuls of sheets, arched my lower backand shot my hips upwards. Taren held on bravely, swallowing my whole load,milking the last few droplets out manually. He licked his lips and grinned,making me keen to continue, but Taren wisely advised that we promisedChayse we'd be at his house in twenty minutes."You can make it up to me later, Mr Howerd", the boy offered. "Now let's goget Chay and find that beach!"* * *There a few sensations as exhilarating as walking along the sandy shore ofa nude beach, naked as a jaybird, holding hands with a boy on either side,who are equally naked, with the gentle sea breeze wafting around one'smasculine equipment. Beats drugs any day. And yet, as I tried to explain toTaren earlier, it wasn't necessarily erotic. Sensuous, maybe, but in theway that a backrub can be sensuous Nudist Preteen without being sexual.Chayse summed it up as only a boy can. "This is way cool, Mr Howerd. Thanksfor inviting me. I never been to a beach like this before", he chatted."It was Taren's idea to invite you, actually, but I'm happy to claim thecredit because it was my idea to come here in the first place", Ijoked. "Now, I think we need another application of sunscreen, followed bysome frolicking in the water, then food", I Nudist Preteen proposed, although by the timeI finished my sentence I was talking to myself as the two boys let go myhands and raced each other to our beach umbrella and began sloppingsunscreen all over each other's nude bodies. Darn! I wanted that job!After our swim, the three of us sat under the umbrella and demolished somecold roast chicken and strawberries and peaches, washed it all down withbottled water, then packed up our camp and headed back to my car. Chayseadvised us that his Mom didn't expect him back until dinnertime, so Tarensuggested we could swim some more at home. That pulled at a heartstring,hearing the little guy refer to my house as 'home'. "And maybe Mr Mendezmight drop by for a visit", I joked with Taren, who blushed andgrinned. Chayse chimed in with "Yeah, and Tommy, too!".* * *I brought Taren with me to work on Monday morning - well, I could hardlyleave him at home all day, and it was school vacation time now anyway. Ontop of my desk I found the FedEx parcel that my lawyer sent over. A quickglance confirmed it was the temporary guardianship documents from Mr Robert"Call Me Bobby" Orensdoerfer, giving me some relief from fears of akidnapping charge.I had several plans for the day, and for the week. I felt an implacableurge to get moving on the project. Movies don't film themselves; in fact,they are very inert creatures, resembling comatose elephants both in scopeand reluctance, and they need constant prodding. I wanted to see Ryderagain, and maybe get my hands on that cushiony ass of his; I wanted to feelSunshine's thick lips around my cock; and I wanted to take Taren back homeand fuck him all day long. But, that's a grown-up's lot in life - makingchoices between equally desirable alternatives, prioritising. Pierre mincedin and disturbed my reverie."Good morning Don. And I see we have one of the new young stars with ustoday', he smiled expectantly at Taren, so I obliged."Taren, this is Pierre de Leon, my associate producer and right-handman. He's the one who has to keep the wings of my flights of fancy gluedon", I explained. "Pierre, meet Taren. Nudist Preteen He'll be playing the neighbour boy".Taren hopped off his swivel chair and walked over to the doorway wherePierre was still standing, awaiting my invite to enter. "Please to meetyou, Mr de Leon", he greeted Pierre formally. "That means 'lion', doesn'tit?""By name, but not by nature, I'm afraid. I'm more of a pussycat", Pierrejoked, shaking Taren's hand limply. Releasing it and turning to me, he said"Can we talk, Don?""Taren's Mom left him with me for a few days", I responded to the impliedquestion underneath Pierre's spoken question. "He'll be helping me aroundhere as well. I don't have any secrets from him". I didn't want Taren tofeel that he was excluded from the 'grown-up's world', and in any case,whatever affected the movie affected him, too. He surprised me by steppingaround Pierre and climbing onto my lap, as if to say to Pierre 'you mightbe a pussycat, but I'm HIS pussycat!' Pierre flinched a little, making somemental adjustments to accommodate the new balance of power, then continuedhis briefing."I've thought over your concepts for the project, and I think I can see away forward. It'll mean a few changes, but they're essential", he started,all business, and not at all bothered that I was stroking Taren'shair. This was what I employed Pierre for, after all - to mould my ideasinto marketable celluloid realities."First of all, which boy have you settled on for your son? I don't want tobe calling him 'the son', I know how you hate it when I do that", Pierreasked."That would be Chayse", I smiled. Taren settled himself into a morecomfortable position in my lap."Fine, and were there any other boys, apart from Taren of course, whom youthink Nudist Preteen will have lines?", he continued. 'Lines' meant a speaking part, notjust a face in a crowd."In order of preference, I hope we can find something for Ryder, Sunshineand Eben. That reminds me, I need to audition Eben pronto. Miss Hatherway?"I pressed the 'talk' button on the intercom."Yes, Mr Howerd?" came her prim reply."Did you manage to contact Eben Wishevsky about an audition yet? And I needyou to get in touch with Mrs MacLane and Mrs Matthews about callbacks forRyder and Sunshine, please", Nudist Preteen I ordered."Already done, Mr Howerd. Eben and Mrs Wishevsky are arriving at ten thismorning, and Ryder and Sunshine, along with their mothers, will be here ateleven". I should have guessed that Miss Hatherway would have anticipatedmy requirements - any personal assistant that can't read the boss's mindneeds to look for other employment.Pierre picked up the ball and started his run. "I think the movie will workif it is simplified, but without taking out the germ of the original idea",he explained. "We need to make it more comfortable forU.S. audiences. They're the ones who fill cinemas, after all. They wantdrama, sure, but they also want 'nice', without too much confrontation. Ifit also works in Europe, that's a bonus. We have to lose the blackmailangle; you don't need that. We need to tone down the boys' kissing. And Ithink we should separate the idea of the boys finding the...er, adultmagazine stash, from the matchmaking idea. Since Taren is going to be theneighbour boy with the, ahem, unrequited love for Chayse, I suggest we make**him** the matchmaker. He'll be trying to get his divorced Mom hooked upwith you, so that he and Chayse will become brothers. Or step-brothers,anyway. And we soften the...ah, interaction between the boys, Chayse, Ryderand Sunshine, and maybe Eben, when they find the!magazines". He finally took a breath, waiting for my response.I picked Taren up under the armpits to move him to a more comfy spot on mylap, then lay my hand carelessly on his chest, slowly stroking him with myfingertips. He purred softly, smiling. "Go on, Pierre. I think you're ontosomething. It would mean a bigger role for Taren, of course", I observed."I'm sure you would not have selected him if he was not up to it", Pierredeclared gallantly. "Most of your original idea is marketable. The wholeproject will be, if you can accept these changes"."How does Taren actually get me and his Mom together? What's his angle?" Iprobed."I've been thinking about that", replied Pierre. "I envisage a series ofdevious little ruses by the boy, er, sorry, by Taren, such as making hisMom's car unserviceable somehow so she has to ask her handsome and cleverneighbour - you - to fix it"."Handsome and clever, eh? Do you think I can pull that off, Taren?" I askedthe lad himself."No probs, Mr Howerd", he replied sleepily."Okay, Pierre, what else?", I asked."Well, next, Taren might smuggle some frightening animal or insect into thehouse to scare his Mom, who will obviously need you to rescue her from itsclutches. Or its feelers, or whatever they might be", he added."Hmm. Handsome, clever AND brave? I might need to cast a more believableDad for this role. Pity Steve Irwin's permanently unavailable", I mused."No way!" Taren spoke up, twisting in my lap, wide awake now. "You're myDad, and that's final! In the movie, I mean - uh, my stepdad-to-be,anyway", he added, a little too late to conceal what he honestly meant."Okay. I like what I'm hearing. But how do I explain my stash of gay porn,if I'm going to be making cow-eyes at Taren's Mom?", I wondered aloud."Well, would it be a crime if it was straight porn?", Pierre reasoned. "Imean, we would also have to explain how a person who keeps gay porn has ason in the first place. I think audiences might more easily accept theconcept of: straight dad, happy marriage, one beloved son, loses wifetragically, boo hoo so sad, resorts to straight porn for understandablerelief, neighbour boy (with Mom but no Dad) envies your relationship withChayse, decides to horn in by bringing you and his Mom together, baddabing, badda boom, ninety three minutes of film, box office success!"I tried to act unconvinced, but deep down I knew Pierre was right. "Isn'tit a bit formulaic? It sounds so familiar. Patty Duke made this movie aboutseventeen times playing opposite herself as her own twin, didn't she?"Pierre sighed. "The good thing about formulas is they work. They'rereliable. Put the chemicals together and you get the reaction. Everytime. People don't want unpleasant shocks. Well, maybe the few dozen whowatch Art House movies do, but the ones who pay their eight bucks fifty atthe Plaza Theatre don't. Let's make this movie, Don, not the one you wantto make but could never screen anywhere on this planet. Please?" Pierreawaited my decision, but I suspect he already knew it."What do you think, Taren?" I asked the boy in my lap. "Keep my originalidea, or make Pierre's Disney version?"Taren looked pensive, as though weighing up the options. "Mr de Leon'smovie sounds good. I'd go and see it. Your movie, well, it'd be fun tomake, but, you'd probably get arrested if you ever tried to show itanywhere", he opined. "That's why you keep Mr de Leon around, isn't it, toturn your crazy ideas into regular movies?"I smiled broadly, accepting the truth of what he was saying. "Crazy ideas,huh? I think you might need a good talking-to from Mr Mendez later", Ithreatened."Promises, promises", Taren giggled as he squirmed in my lap.Pierre butted in. "Who is this Mr Mendez? Anyone I should know?""That's going to be my character's name in the movie. Don Mendez", Ireplied, ruffling Taren's hair. Miss Hatherway buzzed that Eben and MrsWishevsky had arrived.* * *I didn't need to sweeten Mrs Wishevsky with a five hundred dollar 'travelexpenses' cheque in order to get Eben out of his clothes without complaint- he shucked them off as though they were Nudist Preteen on fire, when I brought up thesubject of disfiguring marks. I still asked Miss Hatherway to draw one upthough, because all screen Moms gossip among themselves when they gettogether. The rest of the audition went as smoothly as with the earlierboys, Taren making the valuable point that his character should also befriends with Chayse's friends - after all they were neighbours, it wasn'tso unlikely.Eben impressed me with his open-mindedness - he kissed Taren withouthesitation, he frolicked naked in the foam-rubber pit as if it was hisbackyard pool, and when I suggested to Taren that he take Eben to the propsroom to 'see if Tommy was there', the two boys skipped off happily, onenude, the other soon to be, I was sure. I made small talk with MrsWishevsky about the challenges of raising children Nudist Preteen in the naturistlifestyle for ten minutes, then excused myself to 'check that the boysweren't up to mischief'. I didn't enter the props room because I could seethrough the glass insert in the door that they were busy. Taren was layingback on a chair, his ankles on Eben's shoulders, while Eben, kneelingfacing the chair, rapidly pumped his thin cock in and out of Taren'sass. From the looks of pure lust on both their faces, I'd say the boys weredelighted with their new friendship.By lunchtime, the MacLanes and the Matthewses had also come and departed. Ihad to rely on Taren to fill me in later how events took the course theydid, curled up on my lap in 'our' home."It was awesome, Mr Howerd, a really fun morning", Taren enthused, layingin my arms and wearing one of my black mesh T-shirts. On Taren, it was welloversize. When he came downstairs wearing it I nearly Nudist Preteen came in my shorts atthe sight. At the bottom of the stairs, he said he found it in my cupboard,and asked if it was okay if he wore it because it felt nice and smelledlike me."Just come over here and I'll give you an instant demonstration of how okayit is", I had growled sensuously. He had stepped demurely over, teasing me,pretending to be timid. Just before he was within the reach of my arms, hepaused, did a half turn, and lifted up the back hem of the droopy shirt toreveal a beautiful bare bum cheek."Oops!", he squeaked coquettishly, index finger holding up his chin. "Iseem to have forgotten my knickers, tee hee hee!"His teasing had the desired effect. I lunged for him, grabbing his hipsbefore he could skip away, and pulled the boy onto my lap, kissing him alittle more fervently than I had the previous day. The hand that wasn'tholding up Taren's back was inching its way between his legs, up his innerthigh, searching for the boy's cock. When my hand reached it I beganlightly squeezing the end of it, as I had seen Taren do to himself.I broke our kiss for a moment. "I read somewhere that boys kiss a whole lotbetter when their peckers are being played with", I whispered breathlesslyto him, continuing my fondling of his dick."Really?" Taren gasped, straining to push more of his cock between myfingers."Oh yes. I have it on the very best authority, an impeccable source", Ispoke softly next to his ear, nuzzling my cheek on his."Huh?" he replied."I saw it in a book once. Truly. I think the title was 'The Life Story ofTaren Jamieson, the Most Beautiful, Sexy, Fuckable, Horny Boy In TheWorld'. Some guy called Mendez wrote it, I think". I licked Taren's ear,making him squirm. "Now, you were going to tell me what happened with youand Ryder and Sunshine this morning. I have the strangest intuition thatyou were behind that whole thing. That it was you who somehow got Sunshineto suck my dick".Taren smiled. "I got a theory of my own", he smirked. "I reckon if you getblown by other boys now and then, you'll realise how they aren't as good inbed as me, and you'll always keep coming back to the best. Me!" hegiggled. I kissed him again for that, grazing my lips on his face andmaking him search for Nudist Preteen my lips with his."Your theory has much to recommend it, Professor Jamieson", I mused,putting on my Freudian accent. "Although it may need more extensivescientific testing, with, er, numerous field trials for ze purpose ofverification". Taren giggled again and began his yarn."Okay. So you remember how you got Ryder's and Sunny's Moms together at thecoffee machine, and you were sitting with them?" Taren recited."Yes", I recalled. "I told the Moms that your Mom was out of town, but youhad agreed to come in and help with the rehearsal. I got the three of youto strip down Nudist Preteen to your boxers and gather around the box of TV Guides,pretending they were porno"."That was when you told us to move over onto the carpet square, forcomfort", Taren interjected. I had a 12 foot square of deep shag pilecarpet located not far from the foam rubber pit, but just far enough thatthe boys' voices did not carry back to their Moms. Or me, for that matter."Yes, that's it. I was regaling the Moms with coffee and some offscreengossip about Elijah Wood, I think, and making some quite smutty referencesto his very appropriate surname, as I recall".Taren continued. "Well, we prob'ly spent about two minutes looking at theTV Guides, making out that we were looking at hot chicks when Sunny, er,Sunshine, asked us what is porno anyway. Me and Ryder looked at each other,but we didn't laugh, and I said it was pictures of men and girls doing sexstuff. Ryder said it Nudist Preteen was fun to look at, but Sunshine said he couldn'tunderstand why anyone would want to. So I said, well, it was a lot more funto do it than just look at pictures of it, and Sunshine said, what do youmean, do it?""Were you getting the impression by then that he'd led a bit of a shelteredlife, Taren?" I asked."Boy, was I ever", Taren grinned. "Turns out Sunshine is home schooled, hasnever had a Dad at his home or any uncles, no friends his own age, and gotno idea about, um, sex stuff. So I made up this story about how boys atschools are always giving each other blowjobs all the time, every day, justlike shaking hands, and how it was a pity he missed out on it because hewas home schooled. I gave Ryder a wink, and he played along"."Sunshine asked us what a blowjob was, which I kinda expected he would, soI told him, and his face went all funny, Nudist Preteen like he just bit a lemon. Don'tknock it till you tried it, I told him. Watch, I said, I'll demonstrate onRyder, and he can tell you exactly how it feels. Ryder was sitting with hisback to the mothers, so they wouldn't be able to see what I was doing. Ipulled down the front of Ryder's boxers and showed Sunshine Ryder'sstiffie. It's pretty cute, like Chayse's only a bit bigger. Then I wentdown on it while Ryder told Sunshine how great it felt"."I'm sure Ryder didn't have to pretend", I observed, and Taren giggled."I didn't go all the way with Ryder 'cos I didn't want to make the Momssuspicious, in case he yelled out or something. But then Sunny Nudist Preteen asked ifgrownup men like blowjobs too. Sure they do, I said. Me and Chayse alreadygave Mr Howard a coupla blowjobs, he loved 'em, but girls don't do it much'cos they're so stuck up. They don't even like talking about Nudist Preteen it, so that'sprob'ly why your Mom never told you", Taren recounted. "Sunshine then saidhe had been looking for something nice to do for you, such as maybe get youa bunch of flowers or write you a poem, seeing as you'd been so nice to himan' all, giving him this movie part. I said, like, flowers and poems is forgirls, or Moms. If you wanna thank Mr Howerd, why not ask if you can justgive him a blowjob? You got nice big lips for it, I'm surprised you haven'tbeen asked for a blowjob by lots of men".I smiled at Taren's on-the-spot invention. He certainly had a storyteller'sgift for it. "What happened next?" I prompted him, still manipulating hisforeskin."Well, Sunshine said his mother took him to the Art Gallery once, and whenhe went to the bathroom a man there had also told him he had nice lips fora boy, and would he like to wrap them around something hot and hard, but hedidn't know what the man meant, so he just finished his pee and left. Thereyou go, I told him, that man was just asking for a perfectly normalblowjob. So Sunny said he thought he might ask if you'd like one, and Itold him, sure, go ahead"."Then the three of you came over to the coffee machine for a water break,and Sunshine asked me to show him the props room", I filled in the nextdetail."Well, I had to figure some way of getting him away from his Mom, andgetting you out of there as well, so I remembered what you said about'looking for Tommy' when Eben was there before", Taren explained."Well, it sure worked a treat", I concurred."No sooner had we got in theproperties room, when Sunshine turns to me and says in his sweetest voice,'Mr Howerd, you've been so nice to me, can I give you a blowjob, please?' Inearly shot off in my pants when he said it, especially since I was stillhorny from watching you and Eben earlier. I let him unzip me, then I sat inthe same chair you and Eben used, and he licked me up and down a few timesbefore engulfing my knob completely. In fact, I sensed some similaritiesbetween his technique and yours. I take it you gave Nudist Preteen him some tips?"Taren smiled demurely back at me. "He's a quick learner. He picked it allup from when I practiced on Ryder. Now, by the way, I seem to remembersomething about a talking-to from Mr Mendez that someone threatened me withthis morning? Or are you too tired out from Sunshine's little thank-youpoem?""I'll show you tired", I growled, standing up and picking him up in the onemovement, throwing him over my shoulder like a sack of chaff. "I'll showyou what happens to boys who talk dirty and wear sexy T-shirts and noundies around here", I continued, walking to the bottom of the stairs, onehand holding Taren's legs to my stomach, the other slipped under his shirtand feeling his bottom. "Sunny was a delicious entree, but you, my boy, aregoing to be the main course!". I began Nudist Preteen ascending the staircase.Taren beat on my back (gently) with his little fists, shrieking "Help!Help! A big strong handsome stranger is going to have his wicked way withme! Over and over! He's going to lie on his bed and make me sit on his bighard cock, and make me bounce up and down until he squirts his hot juice inmy little bottom! Then he's going to turn me face down on his bed and propmy hips up with a pillow and ravage me again! Oh dear! Then he's going tosuck on my little balls and pecker until I scream! Oh my! Then he's goingto spoon me and leave his big hot dick Nudist Preteen up my ass all night! Oh goodness!""Are you done?" I enquired, smiling, as I reached the bedroom doorway. "Ordo we need to down and back up the stairs again?""I'm good", he smirked, as I eased him off my Nudist Preteen shoulder and onto hisfeet. And indeed it was true. He was good. Very, very good.* * *Making feature films isn't all fucking little boys' asses- some actualcinematography must inevitably take place, and that's where Pierre'sstrength lay. He was also a whiz at organising all the other people whocome together to make a movie - electricians, costumiers, stuntmen, boomoperators, clapper loaders and suchlike.For me, it was as though "Le Marieur" was already made. I could see itplaying on a wide cinema screen in my mind. Pierre turned my mind's visioninto an hour and a half of wholesome family entertainment, replete withdashes of humour and some teary scenes. My five boys, Chayse, Ryder,Sunshine, Eben and of course Taren, put in seven weeks of hard work, on andoff screen. Taren even made some dialogue suggestions to Pierre, to turnsombre scenes into amusing ones, and Pierre was gracious enough to hear himout without condescension, eventually incorporating two of Taren's ideasinto the final Nudist Preteen cut.I ran a closed set on Nudist Preteen several scenes so that the boys could misbehave abit. When you see "Le Marieur" at the cinema, you won't see any of the goodbits that I had to cut out, but you can be sure they never hit the cuttingroom floor - they're on my Director's Cut reel, a quite different movie,which also lives in my floor safe at home.I promised the boys I'd look out for them when my next project is ready tobegin, and also keep an ear to the ground for other directors wanting justthe **right** sort of boy actor. They didn't have many years left as childstars, after all, and they had to cash in while they were stillbankable. Ask Haley Joel how many scripts he gets invited Nudist Preteen to read nowadays.At our cast party on the night of the last day of filming, I got to plunderChayse's virgin ass. Taren put me up to it - Chayse had been waiting andwilling for weeks. Taren returned Chayse's original favour by lubing me up,but he wouldn't let Chayse sit on my dick; that was his reserved position.I took Chayse from behind, after licking the length of his knobby backbone.Taren stood Nudist Preteen by the bed giving suggestions, stroking and patting both of usfor encouragement, finally kissing Chayse as I came inside his bottom. Ithink my next project might be to locate a country on this crazy planetthat allows men to marry thirteen-year-old boys. And make movies.Endparrafan
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